Cut down (and even produce) electricity with solar shading solutions

Solar shadeExcessive solar heat gain and solar glare can be a costly and unwanted hindrance for building owners.

Colt solar shading systems offer designers the opportunity for distinctive architectural impact, whilst reducing solar heat gains.

External solar shading is one of the most effective ways to control the internal conditions of a building. Radiation from the sun is transmitted, absorbed and reflected by the louvres. As a result, solar heat gain is prevented from passing into the building, minimising ventilation requirements and reducing cooling loads.

If a controllable system is installed, adjustable louvres track the position of the sun, thereby reducing the numbers of days when the building overheats. Equally, in winter the louvres may be adjusted in such a way that the building benefits from the heat of the sun, and they can be closed at night in order to reduce heat loss. At the same time, daylight levels are enhanced, while reducing levels of glare.

Shadoglass describes a fixed or controllable external solar shading system that incorporates glass louvres. A Shadoglass shading system can reduce solar heat gain, lower air conditioning running costs, and lessen glare whilst maximising the use of natural daylight. The glass louvres are available in various colours, surface finishes and coatings to meet specific design requirements. This enables the designer to control the quality of light entering the building. Photovoltaic cells may be integrated into the glass so as to obtain further energy benefits.

Shadovoltaic describes a fixed or controllable external solar shading system that incorporates glass louvres with photovoltaic cells integrated into the glass so as to generate electricity at the same time as providing shading. The louvres are available in various colours, surface finishes, patterns and coatings to meet specific design requirements.

Both monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells may be used. The photovoltaic cells may be integrated into the glass, either by attaching them onto the reverse side of the glass panels or by laminating them between two sheets of glass.

The system thus combines the functions of solar shading with the generation of electrical power.

Colt Solar Shading systems may be controlled in three different ways:

  • Hand control via lever or crank handle.
  • Electrically operated via actuators, which require a controller such as ICS 4-Link, SolTronic or a client BMS.

Self powered via a thermal hydraulic controller Colt Girasol. This operates autonomously and requires no additional source of power other than the sun.

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