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The heart of the BETA® Drywall System is the galvanised steel framework with floor tracks and vertical studs that are assembled to form a strong structure for the assembly of a wide range of partitioning designs.

Supplied by Capco Ceiling and Partition Components, BETA® Drywall aluminium sections are a unique combination of the best construction ideas and aesthetics from the international construction industry. The patented result is a highly functional, easy to install and good looking system that caters for all types of installations.

The strength of door frames and glazing is enhanced by the internal ‘legs’ of the sections, and the aesthetics are improved by the unique clip together combinations.

Unique features include:

  • Neat appearance and good looks
  • Easy installation and low cost
  • Easy to decorate with wallpaper or paint
  • Recessed base and head
  • Curved and splayed walls
  • Bullnose and splayed corners
  • Full height doors and glazing modules
  • Base, head, vertical and horizontal reveals available
  • Woolpile door and glazing gaskets
  • Range of fire ratings from 30min ??? 2hours
  • Range of sound attenuations from 40dB ??? 52dB.

For further information refer to CAPCO Ceiling & Partition Components contact information.

CAPCO’s BETA Drywall Partition SystemCAPCO’s BETA Drywall Partition System
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