Counter power tariff hikes with world first from LLumar

Good news for those concerned about the huge electricity tariff hikes is that a revolutionary new window film technology will soon be available in South Africa that can help you save considerably on energy costs.

Moreover, the resulting energy efficiency can make an important contribution in the wider fight against greenhouse gasses and global warming.

The new window film, trade-marked EnerLogic, was developed in the United States of America. It makes it possible to convert single glazed windows to achieve the energy saving maintained by double glazed windows.

LLumar Films managing director in South Africa, Richard Burton, says other window film technologies can help to save energy, but because EnerLogic’s patent-pending low-emissivity coating delivers energy efficiency in every season, no other film can match its annual savings.

The film will be most cost-efficient in large commercial buildings, schools and hospitals. Overseas tests proved savings up to 15% on year-round energy costs of commercial buildings. Burton says it is simply in a class of its own, a milestone in saving energy resources and costs.

He says EnerLogic technology is “always on” and offers superior savings with far better clarity. It doubles the energy and carbon-emission savings of darker, more reflective films.

“This is an upgrade that pays for itself. You no longer have to incur great cost to break out complete window frames with single glazed panes and replace it with a new frame to accommodate double glazed panes.

“The result is that EnerLogic outperforms most of the available alternatives in terms of payback. Your return on investment comes much quicker.”

Burton says EnerLogic helps to keep the summer heat out, and helps to lock the heat inside in winter. It creates the perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings – all-season, year-round.

“EnerLogic provides unparalleled glass-insulating capabilities – no other window film even comes close.”

Burton says EnerLogic’s excellent anti-UV protection also protects the human skin against sun damage and reduces the fading of textiles, furniture, and works of art. The scratch-resistant coating provides increased longevity & easy cleaning, and the manufacturer backs it with a 10-year warranty.

The product carries the seal of approval of the US Skin Cancer Foundation. According to the Foundation’s website the seal is awarded to products that have been reviewed by and meet the stringent criteria of an independent photobiology committee. It has set the standard for effective sun-protection products for 30 years now

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