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Multi-wall polycarbonate systems - the natural choice

Clear-Clad by Global Roofing Solutions

GRS has teamed up with a select group of leading international manufacturers of polycarbonate multi-wall panels, under the brand name Clear-Clad, to provide the South African building industry with a complete range of installation possibilities for commercial and industrial buildings, roof skylights and cladding solutions.

Clear-Clad is a new generation of multi-wall polycarbonate panel systems with strong co-extruded solar manipulation qualities, that transmit sunlight through the panel into the building while reducing and, in some instances, depending on the application, blocking the sun’s heat altogether from entering the building. Where the choice of panel for the installation is to reduce the sun’s heat from entering, but not block it altogether, Clear-Clad panels also provide strong thermal insulation qualities to retain solar heat in the building on cold winter days.

Clear-Clad panels may be used in a wide variety of roofing-skylight applications and as a sidelight-cladding application. The panels are versatile, providing for flat or cold-bend (spring) applications.

Typical Applications:

Standing Seam System

  • Roofing Solutions
  • Walkways
  • Large and small entrances and atriums
  • Public areas (bus shelters, car-ports)

40mm Interlock Panel System

  • Building facades
  • Cladding
  • Office partition solutions
  • Internal ceiling solutions

Clear-Clad Standing Seam

The Clear-Clad Standing Seam solution is a clip-in engineered system that fastens under the seam, allowing the panels to be clamped in place, without any fastener penetration through the panels. This makes the standing seam system both watertight and aesthetically pleasing. The panels range from 3-7 layer multiwall construction, which gives it the inherent strength to withstand high wind loads, and also provide outstanding R values.

Clear-Clad Standing Seam is based on two unique features: The under-sheet clips which fix the sheeting to the purlins accommodate thermal expansion and contraction, and an outer seam over the raised flanges on the side laps, which makes for a water-tight surface area.

Clear-Clad is supplied complete with polycarbonate or aluminium joiners, end-caps, and edging profiles to create a robust, fully framed installation that is water-tight.

The panels provide an excellent roofing solution for minimum 7 degree slope applications.

The 3-7 fluting layer in the Clear-Clad panel provides for a range of structural strengths.

Clear-Clad panels are supplied with a 10 year discolouration warranty.

Clear-Clad Interlocking Panel System

The Clear-Clad interlocking panel system for vertical applications is engineered with an interlocking male-female joint, which provides strength and weather proofing. The panels range from 3-9 layer multiwall construction, which gives it the inherent strength to withstand high wind loads, and provide outstanding R values.

Aluminium framing on all four sides provides strength and stability.

  • Weight of 4kg/m² – half the weight of glass of same strength
  • 2 x more effective than double glazing
  • Can stand 2,5m high with no lateral support
  • Reduces sound by 17dB
  • 5 wall structure for high strength and rigidity
  • Guaranteed for 10 years against discolouration.

The male-female interlock provides lateral strength, allowing the system to stand up to full wall height without the use of lateral supports, making for a clean look which is modern and flexible in application, whether inside or outside.

It also provides a completely flat surface for graphics (silk screening), permits the easy installation of window and door apertures, while its acoustic properties make it ideal for space partitioning in offices and public spaces.


  • Controlled daylight transmission
  • Withstands high wind loads
  • High thermal insulation and UV protection
  • Resistance to extremes in temperature and improves functional performance
  • Lightweight, easy and fast to install, no heavy substructure required
  • Can be cold curved – see page 4 for radii
  • Flame retardant – no need to add extinguishing or fire-retardant materials
  • Naturally absorbs sound, reducing the need for acoustic insulation
  • 100% recyclable – environmentally friendly
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