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High Definition Interiors boasts an unusual exterior

Office building clad with Brownbuilt 406 for an industrial look and feel

The new building for High Definition Interiors is located on 22 Holt Street, Sandton. The brief to the architect was to create an A-grade office building that would maximise the views over the Johannesburg skyline (particularly the Randburg area) and maximise the bulk provided by the site.

The building was envisaged in steel from the start and the entire building was clad with steel, giving it an industrial look and feel. Global Roofing Solutions supplied over 8 tons of Brownbuilt 406 to clad the 1170m2 area. The architect chose this cladding solution as it provided the right warehouse feel, but also offered a sleek and clean aesthetic.

Brownbuilt 406 steel used to clad this industrial style office block

The cladding of the High Definition Interiors building is different to many other office buildings as this type of sheeting is typically associated with a warehouse. The architects are pleased with the result as it gives a new and different appeal to the office.

The building has an internal skin of brick to meet the thermal requirements for an office building, with the steel structure being fixed to the structural columns. The structural framing consists of I-beams and C sections.

The side cladding and aluminium cappings are supported on a light weight structural frame made up of cold formed lipped channels, and the roof sheeting is supported on a series of mild steel rafter beams and trusses in order to create a column-free double volume space on the first floor office level. These steel sections were chosen for their light weight structural efficiency in reducing the overall steel tonnage and hence project costs.

In addition to supporting the side cladding and roof sheeting, the structural framing system of the building needed to be concealed and designed around the double volume flush glazed curtain wall on the western side, and the large raking flush glazed corner window on the eastern side. The same principle applied to the sub-frame supports for the composite aluminium capping features that framed the corners of the building. This involved intricate detailing of the structural steel and close coordination with the Engineer, Steel Detailer and Architect.

The project team had a good and collaborative dynamic which contributed to the success of the project.

Global Roofing Solutions
Previously Brownbuilt Metal Sections and HH Robertson

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