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Transforming an idea into reality with Chromadek®

Statistics SA HO clad in Chromadek colour coated steel

©Photo credit: Global Roofing Solutions
The cladding to the new Head Office for Statistics SA, winner of the Global Roofing Solutions Metal Cladding Category at Steel Awards 2016, accentuates the strong geometric lines of the building.

When the landscape demands a rapport with the building, the architecture needs to be approached accordingly. How so? Through design that accords and defines cladding possibilities. Consider the new Head Office for Statistics SA. If you haven’t seen this stunning building envelope yet, it’s derived from the Chromadek® coils manufactured by ArcelorMittal South Africa, who then supply a number of roofing and cladding profilers that then convert Chromadek® coils into bespoke roofing and cladding systems. Chromadek® cladding represents an envelope or an opportunity to represent a space.

Materially the new Head Office for Statistics SA consists of roof and side cladding that is 0.58mm thick Galvanised Z200 GRS Brownbuilt 406 profiled sheeting with a standard Chromadek® finish one side and standard backing coat to the other side. Sheeting colours include Dove Grey, Dark Dolphin and Charcoal Grey.

Chromadek® assists in translating a building’s envelope into a comfort zone through its unique heat reflective properties. In the case of the new Head Office for Statistics SA, this was achieved through the choice of two Chromadek® heat reflective colours for the cladding system – Dark Dolphin and Charcoal Grey.

This unique cladding application translates to the following impression “Over and above its aesthetic appeal, is the innovative use of metal side cladding on a commercial building, which is most unusual these days. It’s also unusual and interesting because on this state of the art modern building, we have a profile used that dates back to the 1960’s” – Dennis White, Director, SAMCRA (The Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association) as cited in the 2016 Steel Awards Winners acknowledgement.

There really is more than meets the eye when it comes to Chromadek® colour coated steel. Chromadek® draws on design for purpose. At inception, Chromadek® derives it structural strength from its steel core coated with a metallic zinc coating known as Galvanised layer, ensuring that the both the structural integrity and steel core is preserved for functionality.

Once the longevity of the steel core is secured by the metallic zinc coating, Chromadek® is aesthetically enhanced. This, linked to the fourteen standard colours available, makes Chromadek® an instantly recognised colour coated steel cladding and roofing option – an excellent choice in style.

Through the evolutionary design of Chromadek®, this enduring and stylish choice for colour coated steel roofing now offers:

  • Improved gloss and colour retention.
  • A heat reflective colour range of colours that are energy efficient, namely Aloe Green, Buffalo Brown, Dark Dolphin & Charcoal Grey.
  • The only locally produced Chrome free organic coated roofing and cladding available in South Africa.

Chromadek® and Chromadek Ultim®, produced by ArcelorMittal South Africa, are supplied to established and well recognised roofing profilers, providing the assurance that the preferred choice in colour coated steel roofing and cladding is covered by a standard warranty.

The functionality of Chromadek® further complements “steel is style” by translating the natural features found in Chromadek® into unique benefits. For more about Chromadek® please visit www.chromadek.com

Global Roofing Solutions
Previously Brownbuilt Metal Sections and HH Robertson

Cnr Quality and Barlow Road
South Africa

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