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Training in progress at the C&CI School of Concrete Technology.For decades the Cement and Concrete Institute’s School of Concrete Technology (SCT) has been trusted as the most authoritative provider of concrete technology training in South Africa.  Petrus Jooste, education and training manager at the C&CI, says the school places a high priority on staying at the forefront of concrete technology and continuously upgrades its courses accordingly.

“We are privileged to be able to draw on the input of local concrete technologists to add value to the technical content of our courses. Most of these experts are respected worldwide and generously contribute their time because of the relationship they have with the C&CI.”

He adds that it’s important to remember the unrivalled status of the SCT in this South African training field as an increasing number of unproven new training consultants appear on the scene.

“Their emergence is not surprising,” says Jooste. “Concrete is by far the most widely used construction material in the world and – as its attributes become better known – the demand for more skills and advanced training in the concrete industry is increasing.”

To meet the industry’s needs, the SCT has created several courses for the various levels of education and skills typically required on a construction site or in concrete-related industries.

From Level 10 through Level 20, SCT courses cater for junior clerks of works, construction team leaders and junior technicians, to more senior clerks of works, technicians and engineering staff. The SCT Level 30 concrete technology courses are more intensive and designed for civil and structural engineers or highly experienced technicians, sales managers and building contractors.

Courses are run in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. A correspondence course ‘Concrete Technology and Construction’ (run under licence to City and Guilds of London International) is also available. The SCT’s Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) course carries a diploma which enjoys worldwide acceptance as the highest qualification in concrete technology. The fact that the UK Institute of Concrete Technology appointed the SCT to present this diploma course in South Africa testifies to the international recognition the SCT enjoys.

John Roxburgh, lecturer at SCT, says companies stand to gain immediate benefits from sending staff to SCT courses. “Their staff members will return with a thorough knowledge of concrete concepts, the most up-to-date ‘best concrete’ practices, latest concrete trends and leading edge technologies, all designed to help staff make a difference when back at work. Some of the more obvious benefits would be an increase in concrete quality, higher production, ‘getting it right the first time’, and a greater understanding of clients’ needs. These benefits all give a company substantial economic advantages,” he says.

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