SABS certification on concrete retaining blocks

Silvio Ferraris, managing member of Remacon Products, displays the SABS certificate that the company recently received for three of its CRB products – as shown (from left): ReMRock 220, Terraforce L18 and ReMblok 30.Producer of concrete retaining blocks (CRBs) – Gauteng-based ReMaCon Products – recently gained certification on its main products from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). It is the first producer of CRBs in South Africa to do so.

The company views certification on its products as important because it provides independent confirmation of their performance and reliability.

Silvio Ferraris, managing member of Remacon says, “It makes absolute sense for us to obtain the SABS certification for our products as we produce CRBs exclusively, unlike many other concrete block manufacturers who produce them along with other products for different applications.”

The SABS standard for CRBs, SANS 508, was introduced in 2007.

“As part of the certification we have to have the products tested periodically to ensure that they continue to conform to the standard. We also have to test a sample of every production run on each of the certified products and maintain records of the tests,” Ferraris explains.  

“We have acquired the necessary test equipment to do the testing in-house. In addition, the SABS conducts six-monthly audits at our site to check that we adhere to the quality management system that also has to be applied as part of the certification requirements.”

Remacon has obtained SABS certification on its ReMblok 30, ReMRock 220 and Terraforce L18 blocks. Other products produced by Remacon that are lined up to be tested and certified are its Terraforce L11, ScoopLoc SC30, ScoopLoc SC50 and WaterScoopLoc WSC65 blocks. The company has the biggest range of concrete retaining blocks in the country.

Ferraris notes that a further motivation for gaining SABS certification is that it demonstrates – to the relevant authorities and to the market – that Remacon and its products meet specific requirements of the soon-to-be promulgated Consumer Protection Act.

“One of the major requirements of the new Act relates to the detailed disclosure of information about products and services offered by companies, including assurances on quality and safety. In addition to the product specifications already prepared for the SABS certification process, we also have all the technical and safety information available for all our products and services, as required by the Act,” he says. “This information is available on our website and in our brochures.”

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