Making room for storage

Loft-E-Ladder-access-to-attic-storage-spaceAs a result of rising building costs, storage space has generally become a very low priority in design. However, the attic or loft space above the ceiling offers an ideal place to store all those items that are not frequently used, provided it is accessible. 

Loft-E-Ladder, established in 1995, provides for easy access to this storage space. The company also installs suspended floors in the loft if required. The loft ladder concept is widely used in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia and offers a relatively inexpensive way of making the most of loft space that is otherwise unused.

The Loft-E-Ladder is made from certified aluminium, so it is lightweight but strong, with a 150kg rating which makes is suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Because it is made of aluminium, it is also corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance-free. The ladder is fitted with safety treads and handrail. It is easy and quick to lower and to stow away, sliding smoothly on nylon sliders.


The units are made in South Africa to high standards and have established a reputation for safety and reliability. Loft-E-Ladders are often specified by architects and designers who recognise the value of making the loft a usable space.


Two sizes are available, to suit floor-to-floor heights of 3 100mm and 3 500mm. Enclosures – where the ladder is stowed away above the ceiling – are made to measure to suit the roof truss design.


Units can be installed by the company or by the do-it-yourself enthusiast, following clear instructions and diagrams provided. Loft-E-Ladder also specialises in mezzanine floors, loft conversions and staircases.

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