Top international honours for SA paving pioneer


Louis Marais, former C&CI roads engineer, has been awarded honorary membership of the International Society for Concrete PavementsLouis Marais, a concrete paving specialist formerly with the Cement & Concrete Institute (C&CI), has been awarded Honorary Membership of the International Society for Concrete Pavements. The honour was bestowed on Marais at the EuPave 11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads 2010, held last year in Seville, Spain.

Marais played a pioneering role in the development of concrete paving and roads in South Africa. In the 1960s, as roads engineer with the Portland Cement Institute (PCI), the forerunner of the C&CI, he introduced demonstration projects to showcase modern concrete paving technology to local engineers and contractors. He worked with the Department of Transport to develop design methods and specifications for concrete pavements and was responsible for the fact that, between the 1970s and 1990s, a large number of freeway projects were constructed in concrete.

Marais was also involved with Brian Shackel in early ground-breaking research into the development of concrete block paving at the CSIR , using an early version of the South African Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS).

During his 30 years with the C&CI he co-authored the book, Concrete Industrial Floors on the Ground, which has become the essential guide on the topic in South Africa, and he wrote over 50 papers and articles on concrete pavements, as well as publishing several books and booklets on concrete paving.

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