Peak performance in retaining walls

Terraforce retaining wall Karlitepe Road TurkeyThe highest Terraforce earth retaining wall in the company’s history – designed by the product licensee, Geoduvar, in Istanbul, Turkey – stabilises cut and fill slopes in the Karlitepe Road Project in the Beykoz area of Istanbul.

The Karlitepe Road Project was specified by the municipality of Istanbul to provide access between a hilltop neighbourhood and the coast of the Bosphorus below. The planned road was about seven kilometres long and just over one kilometre of it had to be built along a very high slope on privately owned land.

As the landowner has plans to develop a residential complex on this extensive property, the retaining wall structure was required to blend into the surrounding forest and greenery and a 20m high, fully perpendicular wall was to be avoided.

Clhangir Construction called on Geoduvar to design the retaining wall system for the road. Terraforce blocks, when used with high-strength geotextile reinforcement, allow for the construction of very high retaining walls, while at the same time providing for a surface cover of greenery. A further advantage in this project was that the wall could be constructed as the road was being built.

Geoduvar prepared a preliminary design for the retaining wall using Terraforce L15 blocks, with high-strength geotextile reinforcement, to be constructed at inclinations of 70º. This design suited the landowner and the municipality approved the system. The retaining wall supporting the Karlitepe Road was completed last year. It is about one kilometre long and ranges in height from one metre at each end up to 21.5m. It has a surface area of about 6 500m². The light brown L15 Terraforce blocks used in the project were produced by Eko Moduler Yapi in Istanbul.

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