New generation cement extender

Ash Resources Matla  plantAsh Resources  has introduced a new, improved performance, classified fly ash, DuraPozz Pro, to the South African market. The company’s products, which for more than 30 years have been used successfully as cement extenders, are by-products from electricity generation at Eskom’s coal-fired power stations. DuraPozz Pro is produced at Ash Resources’ plant at Matla in Mpumalanga.

John Sheath, strategy and marketing manager for Ash Resources, says the new cement extender “takes the unrivalled performance and track record of Ash Resources’ classified fly ash, DuraPozz, to new heights – at no extra cost to the end-user.”

Sheath explains: “DuraPozz Pro is a ‘new generation’ classified fly ash for high performance, high durability concrete. It has been designed and developed to produce concrete with added strength and durability.”

Among other benefits DuraPozz Pro improves concrete workability and water reduction as a result of its fineness, its spherically shaped particles and unique particle size distribution. With a lower water-cement ratio, DuraPozz Pro concrete has decreased permeability, which results in reduced chloride and sulphate attacks and reduced alkali-silica reactivity. The lubrication action of this new classified fly ash reduces water content and drying shrinkage in concrete and provides higher strength evolution over time.

The product can be used by concrete professionals across the full spectrum of the industry – in site-mixed, readymix, or precast concretes. The particle size in DuraPozz Pro is a finer grade than required by SANS 1491: Part 2 Portland Cement Extenders: Fly Ash specification. Sheath notes, “The concentration of the extremely fine – and spherical – particles results in more dense and durable concrete.

“By taking the fly ash from Eskom’s bituminous coal-fired power stations and engineering this by-product to beneficial use, Ash Resources’ products – like the carbon-lean DuraPozz Pro – contribute to promoting sustainable construction and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” says Sheath.

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