Increasing production of EPS building panels

The Ikhaya Futurehouse System with lightweight insulating EPS building panels is being used increasingly in industrial and residential construction.Construction of a new factory for Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems, in Centurion, Gauteng, is nearing completion and will enable the company to meet growing demand for the its thermally insulating walling panels.

Craig Paton-Ash of Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems says, “The Futurehouse building system of lightweight panels with excellent thermal insulation and moisture penetration protection has gained popularity for use in projects that include industrial buildings, security walls and residential construction. The new manufacturing plant will increase production capacity and enable the fabrication of panels up to six metres in length.

“The Futurehouse system uses expanded polystyrene (EPS) to provide building products that counteract the effects of rising building, electricity and labour costs. With the promulgation of new energy efficiency legislation – in SANS 204 – expanded polystyrene will play a much greater role in the South African building sector.

“The system is quick and easy to build with, even with untrained labour. Transport to site is also easy as the panels are not heavy and can be flat-packed. When wall plaster is applied to the panels, they give the feeling and appearance of a solid concrete wall. The Futurehouse system is also cost-competitive compared with traditional brickwork,” says Paton-Ash.

The Futurehouse system has approval from the Agrèment Board and the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

For construction projects Ikhaya Futurehouse offers support services which include panelisation and costing of building designs, on-site tuition, training manuals and access to builders who are proficient with the system. Ancillary plaster products and components are also available, as well as spray plastering technology to accelerate the building process.

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