Bosch Thermotechnology: The Bosch Solar Kit

The Bosch Solar Kit lets you combine your gas water heater with any Electrical Water Storage (EWS) or Solar Water Heater (SWH) to make sure that you have hot water irrespective of the availability of grid power or the weather.

Bosch solar kit can be combined with your electrical or solar geyser to ensure you always have hot water

Using the Bosch Solar Kit means you can connect your existing hot water installation to either a solar water heater with gas back-up or only add a gas back-up to an existing electrical geyser without having to purchase any special solar appliance.

It avoids unnecessary on/off cycles as well as accidental scalding at the tap by ensuring that hot water is supplied at 45 degrees, irrespective of whether the incoming water was too hot or too cold, by pre-mixing the water.

It optimises your solar water heater by ensuring you have hot water, but will avoid unnecessary gas ignition due to a unique bypass function, which allows the water to bypass the gas water heater all together if the water is already hot enough.

Bosch solar kit usable with all the Bosch WR range of water heaters

Whether the Bosch Solar Kit is connected to a Solar Water Heater or to a standard Electrical Water Storage System, it works well with all devices and allows your Bosch WR range water heater to give you hot water at all times. No additional valves and regulation required.

Simply put the Bosch Solar Kit in line between your geyser and the WR-range gas water heater and it will do all the necessary control.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Best-in-class warm-water comfort due to universal solution with bypass function
  • Usable with all Bosch WR range of water heaters
  • Immediately operable
  • Easy to install thanks to a spacer which permits installation over obstacles
  • Easy maintenance thanks to removable front cover and easy access to three-way valves and construction
  • Option to use solar energy now or in the future

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of heating products and water heaters.

You can view the various gas water heaters available from Bosch by clicking here.

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