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New materials and designs for interiors are always in great demand. Metallic finishes have gained popularity but handling metals for interiors has not always been easy. INOXTA is an innovative stainless steel interior wall tile that offers looks, versatility and a whole range of cladding advantages.

The INOXTA lightweight, flexible stainless steel tile is very easy to install, saving manpower and costs. It is ideal for interiors, art or accent walls, and kitchens in both residential and commercial applications.

INOXTA, available in various colours, shapes and finishes is a genuine stainless steel tile consisting of a surface treated stainless steel face and patented bendable stainless steel backing. It is NOT a ceramic tile clad with metal or painted with metallic paint.

INOXTA blends well with existing materials such as wood, stone and ceramic tiles.

Using INOXTA, you can turn your space into anything you can imagine. Obviously conventional applications such as kitchens and bathrooms apply, but it can also be used for lobby walls, counter tops, elevator cabins, ceilings, art walls and the like.

The patented flexible stainless steel backing can be bent to fit around circular or angled structures. No steel structure is needed for the column cover.

NCC technology allows no bacteria over the tile surface, while also being very easy to clean and maintain. The hygienic character of stainless steel makes it ideal for kitchens, restaurants and places like hospitals and kindergartens where concern for hygiene is high. NCC kills bacteria and emits no hazardous materials into the air.

Fungus prospers in the grouting of tiles but Inoxta needs no grouting, adding greatly to its hygienic properties

Unique advantages

  • The flexible stainless steel backing can be bent to fit round or edged surfaces. No special tools needed. The tile can also be cut with a simple cutting blade
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes with various colours and finishes. You can make your own designs by combining colours, sizes and finishes
  • Environment friendly and recyclable – the face and back panel is 100% recyclable and easy to remove if necessary
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint surface – coated with cutting edge NCC technology, INOXTA is ideal for areas where hygiene is a requirement. The surface also prevents stains and finger prints
  • Easy installation and maintenance – very easy to install and sticks to almost any surface.
  • Fireproof

INOXTA stainless steel tiles are available from Design Stainless Products (DSP).

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An alternative to ceramic tile, Inoxta stainless steel tiles are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, interior walls and any cladding applications

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