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Beyond in-room security

Electronic locksSince revolutionising the hospitality industry in 1979 with hotel security solutions, VingCard Elsafe has continued to lead the market by introducing innovations to the industry.

VingCard provides electronic locks and electronic locking systems to the hospitality industry including:

Electronic locks
VingCard’s electronic locking solutions provide all the features needed to manage hotel operations, as well as offer security and peace of mind to guests. Designed according to the most demanding ANSI grade 1 standards, VingCard’s electronic locks are tested to more than 1 million openings. Based on a heavy duty mortice lockcase and a solid steel and brass escutcheon, the lock is as solid as it is secure.

VingCard offers a complete range of guestroom door locks to suit your needs.

  • Signature by VingCard is especially suited for the design consious hotelier regardless if it is a modern and contemporay property, or the more classic and decorative style.
  • Signature RFID by VingCard provides a stylish and modern lock that appeals to the modern hotel environment. Signature RFID is less on the door and more for you and your guests in terms of functionality and user friendliness.
  • Classic by VingCard is a sleek and elegant lock, available with a range of attractive styles and finishes.
  • Classic RFID by VingCard derives from the standard Classic lock and allows you to go ContactLess in a few short steps if you already have a Classic lock installed.
  • Original by VingCard is the original card lock series based on the same high quality mechanical design and engineering as VingCard’s most advanced electronic locks for hotels, but Original requires no software, front desk equipment or batteries.

PolarBar minibars
PolarBar minibars supplement any hotel room with a modern styled minibar. With its large stacking capacity and flexible shelf solution for easy cleaning, it is guaranteed to keep your guests and staff satisfied.

  • Stocking capacity of up to 24 facings.
  • Adjustable transparent door racks for high visibility.
  • Removable shelving for easy cleaning.
  • Thermal insulation manufactured with Cyclopentane CFC/HCFC free.
  • Fully automatic defrost and easily adjustable thermostat.
  • Strong door hinges convertible left to right.
  • All-round magnetic seals to keep the door perfectly shut.
  • Integrated door handles.
  • Available sizes are 30 litre and 40 litre.
  • 3 different door options available.

Elsafe in-room safes
Elsafe is dedicated to provide electronic hotel safes to the hospitality industry including: guestroom safes, with both digital and RFID technology. Elsafe hotel safes give hotels peace of mind.

  • Infinity II sets a new standard for in-room safes with its sophisticated design and unmatched features. This safe series is more than a safe, it is more than furniture, this is art!
    • Infinity II by Elsafe hotel in-room safes are UL-1037 certified and are ideal for the most demanding hotels, lifestyle brands and boutique properties that thrive to be different. By combining sophisticated technology and fashionable design, Infinity II is the ultimate safe for the design-conscious hotelier.
  • SENTINEL II electronic in-room safe is not only an in-room safe… It has become contemporary furniture!
    • SENTINEL II by Elsafe hotel in-room safes are UL-1037 certified, providing the highest standards in hotel in-room security for safes with revolutionary physical security features, including a proprietary interlocking deadbolt mechanism, anti-tamper labyrinths, extended solid steel bolt hinges, and a one-piece cold-pressed steel door.
  • Xtra II electronic hotel safe is a simple and efficient solution at a very affordable price.
    • With two distinctive security safe models to choose from, this exciting new series features sleek, contemporary styling; advanced digital electronics; solid steel construction; a proprietary quick-change battery system; anti-tamper labyrinths: and well-known Elsafe reliability. Xtra II includes the industry’s leading audit trail system and Elsafe’s convenient handheld SafeLink controller.

Orion Energy Management System
Orion by VingCard Elsafe is the new Energy Management Solution that offers savings by degrees, while ensuring guest comfort.

Orion by VingCard Elsafe detects guest presence in the room and allows you to control and manage your A/C cost while rooms are unoccupied, monitoring and maintaining the same temperature comfort level when they return to their rooms.

Orion by VingCard Elsafe offers full wireless online functionality and a network that can be either set up independently or together with VISIONLINE by VingCard wireless online electronic locks.

Orion by VingCard Elsafe dramatically helps you improve your environmental and green initiatives and contributes to reducing global warming.

Elsafe in-room safesRFID Locker Lock by VingCard: Secure every corner of your property

VingCard RFID locker lock provides high security and comfort for lockers and cabinets using proximity RFID carriers (RFID keycards, wristbands, keyfobs, etc.) instead of uncomfortable keys that require expensive maintenance.

The electronic components, locking mechanism and battery pack are all located on the inside of the locker to increase security and avoid manipulation or vandalism. This device is the best solution for:

  • Spa/Wellness centers
  • Ski resorts
  • Golf clubs
  • Sport and gym centers

Energy control units
VingCard offers a complete range of in-room Energy Control Units, the perfect combination to provide inroom comfort to your guests while, at the same time, saving energy and money when they are outside their rooms.

VingCard Elsafe products are available from ASSA ABLOY in South Africa. ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. ASSA ABLOY South Africa is popular for traditional lines such as pin tumbler, lever locks and architectural ironmongery, which have been supplied to the market for over a century. We are leading the trend towards higher security, with products including electric locks and electronic keys with audit trail capabilities, hotel safes, magnetic locks, mechanical locks, access control, revolving, sliding and stacking door systems, window latches, aluminium products and emergency escape hardware. We are able to offer you a locking solution for all your locking applications with a convenient and reliable solution for your requirements. 

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