Be geyser wise

Franke Geyser Wise Hot Water and Electrical Management System

Be geyser wise with the hot water and electrical management system from Franke.

The Franke Geyser Wise system means that you can regulate your geyser from the controller and ensure quick and steady water temperature control.

It is easy to operate with four daily programmable time settings. The Geyser Wise unit also detects element failure, scale build-up and probe failure.

Geyser Wise replaces the conventional thermostat with a digital system and displays a digital water temperature reading or setting.

Other features include a power off memory timer, earth leakage protection, and load shifting capability to off peak periods.

High temperature cut out at 85°C is incorporated, as is a battery backup on power failure.

The Geyser Wise hot water and electrical management system carries a one year from date of purchase warranty.

More information on the Geyser Wise, as well as all the water heating systems, accessories and components manufactured by Franke can be found in their latest brochure ??? For Geysers without Compromise.

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