Raising the standard in home automation

EIB-Automation-KNX-integrationAt the same time as we are faced with the heightened awareness of our own responsibilities regarding our impact on the environment, technology has surged forward in every area of life, creating a greater reliance on gadgets like HDTV and iPhones. Some people and organisations are harnessing digital technology as a means to minimise their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint through intelligent building management, sometimes referred to as ‘home automation’. In this effort KNX  leads the way.

An ISO standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3) celebrating its 20th anniversary, KNX is used as a reference point for home automation. The KNX organisation represents a concerted effort by over 150 manufacturers – including Siemens, ABB, Hager, AMX, Crestron, Russound, Daikin and GIRA  – to ensure the inter-working of all products bearing the KNX logo via a standardised certification process. As a result, reliable automated solutions can be offered for applications encompassing: lighting, automated shutters, curtains and blinds, heating, cooling and air-conditioning, security and security monitoring, water management, energy metering and management, and audio-video control.

Since all devices speak the same language, KNX is able not only to simplify installation but also to reduce installation time and costs to the client. With over 17 000 certified installers worldwide , clients are guaranteed a solid solution that will minimise the environmental impact of their automated installations. In the search for certified environmentally friendly systems, KNX branded products offer an efficient, standardised solution.

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