Advanced automation for hotel comfort

Bedside switches in the Arteor range allow for control of lighting, blinds and curtains.The new range of Arteor electrical systems and fittings from Legrand includes technologically advanced options designed especially for the hotel environment.

National sales manager for Legrand SA, Timothy Mountjoy, says, “These systems are designed for the comfort and convenience of guests – in communal areas of the establishment and in each hotel room.

Legrand has looked carefully at the needs of the leisure and business traveller with the aim of enabling each guest to feel at home.

“Arteor systems also provide for efficient communication between guests and hotel staff, which improves operational efficiencies in every installation.”

The Arteor bedside unit is a touch interface system that can simultaneously control blinds, curtains and lighting remotely, without the guest having to get up. Easy-to-program scenarios can be used to adapt lighting to suit specific requirements.

Data and multimedia sockets provide easy access to the internet and allow the guest to connect electronic devices, like an MP3 player, digital camera, portable DVD or laptop computer, to the hotel TV system.

Multi-standard sockets enhance convenience for international visitors as there is no need to use an adaptor.

The Arteor internal unit is designed to improve the quality of service for guests who can now advise staff from inside their rooms whether they want the room to be cleaned, or if they do not want to be disturbed. The external unit, which allows staff to see the room status at a glance, enables methodical time management of the hotel’s cleaning team.

Hotel equipment, including call indicators, illuminated signs and buzzers, are available with a square or round design and the extra-flat slim-lined profile of the fittings suits contemporary interiors.

Another option available in the modular Arteor range is an energy-saving key fob switch. When entering or leaving a hotel suite, the guest can use an access card to activate or switch off the electrical services of the room, so electricity consumption can be reduced. This card facility, which controls lighting, air-conditioning, sound equipment and the television, is fitted with a pre-set time delay of 30 seconds after removal of the card.

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