PVC strip curtains suit diverse applications

PVC strip curtains provide an effective screen to control hygiene, humidity, temperature, or noise levels in wide ranging applicationsAccording to Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains and Doors, high quality PVC strip curtains offer an affordable solution in various applications where dirt, dust or insects need to be kept out and hygiene, humidity, temperature and noise need to be controlled.

“Our Balledge PVC strip curtains are equally at home in the food, pharmaceutical and heavy engineering industries,” says Dessing.

In the printing environment, for example, whether on paper or textiles, control of the level of humidity is critical to the quality of the finished product.

Noisy machinery in printing works or heavy engineering environments can be enclosed with PVC strip curtains to contain noise levels. “Tests have shown that PVC strip curtains can reduce noise levels by between seven and fifteen decibels, improving working conditions,” says Dessing.

PVC strip curtains supplied by Apex are transparent and specific areas can be curtained without impeding visibility, obstructing operations or hindering production. The curtains are made of specially formulated PVC to ensure their durability and the patented Balledge® design creates a reinforced edge that provides a secure overlapping seal to control specific factors in the screened environment.

In food processing and handling facilities such as the dairy industry, keeping the temperature at specific optimum levels can make all the difference to product quality. Temperature control is equally important in food preparation and storage, cold storage and freezer areas, as well as in refrigerated trucks. In such facilities, PVC strip curtains are also effective in keeping out dust and insects to maintain high levels of hygiene.

Similarly, in pharmaceutical and chemical plants PVC strip curtains are used to ensure hygienic and dust-free manufacturing and packaging areas.

Apex Strip Curtains and Doors has been manufacturing PVC strip curtains since 1981. The products are produced locally and are made to measure, in line with customer specifications.

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