Guardrails for Gauteng freeway upgrades

Mentrail Guardrail on the R21 freeway. As well as standard lengths, convex and concave rails are supplied for bends and turns, and bull-nose end wings for the start and finish of each sectionOver 40 km of Mentrail Guardrails have been installed in major freeway upgrade projects currently in progress in Gauteng.

The Gauteng Freeway Improvement Programme, driven by the South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL), is set to improve the existing network and provide additional infrastructure in order to reduce traffic congestion on Gauteng’s major freeways.

As part of the programme, the Power Group was awarded a R600 million contract to upgrade the R21 between Pretoria and OR Tambo International Airport, providing four lanes in each direction. Siyavaya Highway Construction JV is contracted to upgrade the N1, or Western Bypass, between Soweto and 14th Avenue in Fairlands, Johannesburg, providing additional lanes and improving interchanges.

Mentrail Guardrail has been installed in both these projects, providing a temporary safety barrier while the roadworks are under way. The guardrails are moved from one section to the next as work progresses. They will be permanently installed once the roadworks are completed.

On the R21, which has a tarmac surface, about 3 000 lengths of Mentrail, totalling 11.4 km were installed on wooden posts, while on the concrete paved N1, 7 874 lengths of Mentrail, extending over 30 km, were installed on steel poles.

Mentrail guardrails are manufactured by Andrew Mentis to SANS 1350-1982 specification and have a tensile strength of 445 MPa and yield strength of 310 MPa. The guardrails are made from 2.6 mm thick steel, either galvanised or uncoated, and supplied in standard lengths of 3.81 m, prepunched for easy fixing to upright posts using 350 mm long post bolts. Mentrail is easy to handle and install. No tension or stretching is required in installation as normal expansion and contraction are absorbed in the joints and the posts stay perfectly aligned.

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