Windows and doors – the eyes to a building

Alsysco sliding aluminium doors and windowsLong after the contractors have moved off-site and the building process is complete, the windows and doors of any building are the most used part. Like ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’, windows and doors are simply the eyes to a building as they connect both the inside and outside world.

It’s important that windows and doors are given serious focus during the architectural design phase.

What to consider when selecting windows and doors

  • Sight and touch engagement – windows and doors are extremely noticeable and tactile.
  • They are the most interactive part of a building.
  • Windows and doors are in close proximity to users compared to floors, walls or roofs.
  • Prone to wear and tear – due to frequent use as are opened and closed on a daily basis.
  • Safety and security is almost exclusively around windows and doors – locking mechanisms cannot be compromised in a highly security-conscious nation like South Africa.
  • Temperature control is most compromised through windows and doors.
  • Windows, in particular, regulate the use of natural light in the building.
  • Weather-exposed – windows and doors take a beating from the hard rain, wind and high temperatures associated with the African climate.

Benefits of aluminium windows and doors

  • Aluminium is not only durable and robust but also stands up well against the elements.
  • It requires lower maintenance.
  • Aluminium offers unrivalled design flexibility and aesthetic appeal. It’s available in various shapes and durable powder coated colours.
  • The strength of aluminium frames allows for larger openings using slim modern lines.
  • As a product aluminium is recyclable

 From beautifully designed sliding doors to highly advanced curtain walls, Alsysco is an innovative Aluminium Systems Designer.

Design homes using Alsysco aluminium doors and windowsAlsysco systems meet strict international standards and are designed for the African environment. The company is constantly innovating to provide the latest solutions to customers from knowledgeable homeowners who require only the best high-end products for their dream homes to large corporate developments that won’t compromise on quality and performance.

Alsysco Systems are tested and approved in the marketplace. Alsysco is primarily focused on equipping its Accredited Fabricators with cutting-edge product solutions to make your experience with every Alsysco system a pleasurable one.

When an architect designs a building it is an opportunity to leave their mark in a city, a legacy that will be appreciated not just by this generation but generations to come. Alsysco prides itself in its ability to work with Architects to develop sustainable and economical Architectural Aluminium solutions for both domestic and commercial projects.

Alsysco provides the following project solutions to Architects:

  • Knowledgeable specification consultants.
  • Alsysco Product Specification File.
  • A skilled national network of Alsysco Accredited Fabricators.
  • Products that complement the building design and décor.
  • Products that provide flexible solutions for building designs to enhance the use of natural light and ventilation.
  • High quality extensively tested components and accessories.

Learn more about Alsysco at

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