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ABLOY OPTIMA - An optimal choice for an elderly care facility

Wireless key management makes it easy to update access rights in a facility with a lot of staff and subcontractors as well as varying needs of the residents. Elderly care center Kotikallio in Pitäjänmäki, Finland, chose ABLOY OPTIMA for the doors of its flats, staff rooms, elevators and common areas.

To provide a functional safety and security solution for an elderly care facility is a challenging task. For example in Kotikallio, flexible and secure key management is essential due to the turnover of personnel. A lot of temporary staff is needed, for example as sick leave cover, and there are many subcontractors and visitors each day. In addition, the residents’ varying individual needs set high standards for flexibility. Some of them are able to move around independently indoors and outdoors, whereas some of them need constant attention and protection.

Wireless ABLOY OPTIMA was found to be the perfect solution for Kotikallio. A purely mechanical solution felt too laborious to manage, and on the other hand a complete access control system with extensive cabling would have been too expensive. The exacting needs of the facility could be serviced easily and cost-effectively by installing wireless ABLOY OPTIMA readers and locks on all flats, staff room doors and elevators.

The staff and some of the residents were given wristbands including credentials with individual access rights, which open the right doors when placed near the lock reader. ABLOY OPTIMA means better access management at less cost.

The solution offered the flexibility that the customer was looking for. Managing access rights is easy since the programming and reprogramming of an individual credential can be done at once. There is no longer a need for mechanical re-keying in the case of lost credentials. In this case the customer opted for wireless key management, which means that the individual lock readers communicate wirelessly with a hub. The system users’ audit trails and any changes in their access rights can be updated in real time. Also, any door within the site can be locked or unlocked remotely.

ABLOY OPTIMA products in the Kotikallio facility

  • 63 wireless readers on internal doors
  • 21 wireless readers for electric locks
  • 9 wireless hubs
  • 2 elevator operators

For more information, please contact Pieter Naude on 011 463 6233 or pieter.naude@abloy.co.za

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