A new technical reality in signage

Triline International supplies Hi-Tech, an aluminium modular convex sign system.

The accurate design with unique characteristics ensures Hi-Tech is a highly flexible, modular and dynamic convex sign system. Hi-Tech is different to other sign systems because it is the first in the world that, based on one standard convex profile offers four different sign shapes.

The Hi-Tech signage system is suitable for door signs and directory signs, as well as flag and suspended signs. It features aluminium double sided end caps of 2mm thickness and incorporates anti-theft features.

Six standard convex profiles are available: 62mm, 93mm, 155mm, 186mm, and 217mm.

Insert profiles for the signs are offered in square, round and ellipse shapes.

The convex profiles can be used alone or they can be transformed into insert profiles with a square, round or ellipse look. They are available in silver anodised aluminium with a black/gold anodised finish available on request. The convex aluminium profiles have a standard length of 3500mm. The convex profile is slid into the anti-vandalism profile and finished with single endcaps and screws. Exceptionally easy to assemble, these signs can be used with vinyl lettering, screen printing, digital printing or UV printing. Fixing to the wall is just as easy – use screws, double tape or sticky bond.

Hi-Tech is also ideal for use in emergency signage and are suitable for prohibition, danger, warning, prevention and informational types. The signs can be projected out from the wall ensuring that they are visible from both sides.

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