A new multipurpose park in Spruitview, Ekurhuleni

The Spruitview Multipurpose Park in Ekurhuleni, which was in planning for many years, was finally completed last year over a six-month construction period. Landscape Architects, Outer Space Planning and Design, were briefed by the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality (EMM) to develop a multipurpose park for community use and providing for mixed activities as well as sports.

When the project began in June 2009, the EMM’s Environmental Development Metro Parks Division was keen to ensure that labour-intensive methods should be used in the development of this public park. Consequently, only local workers were employed on the project.

The construction contract, valued at R12.6 million, was awarded to Rainbow Construction. Director Gerald Loe says, “The Spruitview site lies south of Germiston on a moderately steep slope on dolomite rock. The multipurpose park consists of 8 000m³ of sports fields as well as open parkland and other amenities.”

Loe notes that the development required extensive earthworks and proceeded in two phases. The first phase involved preliminary works to establish the platforms for further development. In addition to the landscape works, the second phase included the construction of a lapa that will be used by the community and for hiring out for small functions, as well as two toilet blocks, a caretaker’s house, an amphitheatre, a play park and a skateboard park. Pedestrian paving was laid, irrigation systems installed and the planting of trees and lawn were the final steps in completion of the project.

Managing director of Rainbow Construction, Errol Burman comments: “The Spruitview Multipurpose Park is another example of our commitment to projects that are aimed at uplifting the underprivileged communities that they touch. The park provides a new recreation and sports facility in an area where one was desperately needed.”

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