Auria fibre cement facade panels, supplied by Everite, offer the architect both a visually appealing exterior finish and a resilient performing material for all weather conditions. Manufactured by Eternit, the home of fibre cement globally, Everite now offers this range to the South African market.

Auria fibre cement façade panels from Everite

For the architect, the opportunity to leave one’s signature on a structure would typically first be met by the external visual impact of the structure. Facades have the ability to blend into the surroundings or provide a statement of intent in establishing the importance of a structure.

Auria façade panels are traditionally installed to the external envelope of a building, providing a rain screen as well as a ventilated thermal barrier for the building itself. This promotes internal thermal benefits for the building, as it is no longer exposed to external weathering elements.

The product is manufactured with through-colour technology and also enjoys protective coatings to maintain its colour and appearance for many years.

Everite has partnered with several reputable façade installers and constantly engages with renowned façade engineers to assist professionals and their clients. It’s this synergy that is passed onto the professionals, promoting both a successful installation, as well as creating a timeless legacy for the entire project team.