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New version of Metasys from Johnson Controls

The new Metasys 8.1 building automation system from Johnson Controls delivers new graphics, enhanced security and other features to mitigate risk, reduce cost and maximise investments.

Metasys 8.1 building automation system from Johnson Controls offers enhanced security

Optimised for mobility, the system’s easy-to-use interface employs new photo-realistic graphics for better visualisation and faster troubleshooting from customers’ mobile devices. These new graphics are easily created within Metasys without requiring any additional software or tools, significantly reducing time on task.

This latest release also prevents unauthorised access with HTTPS. Metasys 8.1 uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol, the current standard for communications privacy on the Internet, to ensure secure, encrypted communications between two communicating applications or between client and server.

Says Neil Cameron, Johnson Controls Area General Manager: Building Efficiency: Africa, “These enhancements complement our past upgrades where interoperability through open standards is easily achieved, allowing businesses to further extract value from their BMS through third-party application integration. In addition, as most BMS’ now run off the corporate IP network, it is imperative to bolster security through the latest encryption technologies. This and more is available on our Metasys BMS platform, allowing organisations to maximise their ROI.”

For customers with critical applications requiring the most rigorous network security, Metasys also introduces a new, hardened Network Automation Engine (NAE-S) embedded with the DarkNode encryption module. This technology encrypts data traveling on the network so that sensitive information cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

A new, enhanced Wireless Field Bus System features a new coordinator, updated router/repeater firmware and a new wireless-enabled thermostat controller to improve system performance, lower risk and reduce installation costs.

Additionally, Metasys 8.1 has achieved global BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL)-12 status, providing interoperability between Metasys 8.1 and any BTL-listed third-party BACnet system.

“As a result, customers will get more out of the investments they’ve already made,” says Don Albinger, vice president and general manager, Johnson Controls Global Controls. “The new graphics package in Metasys 8.1 will help our customers be more effective on the job and reduce their time on task. The enhanced security – like HTTPS – helps prevent unauthorised access and demonstrates that we’re committed to making Metasys as secure as possible.”

To learn more about Metasys 8.1, please visit http://www.johnsoncontrols.com/buildings/specialty-pages/metasys-release. For additional information about Johnson Controls, visit www.johnsoncontrols.com.

Additionally, Johnson Controls and Booz Allen Hamilton recently released a whitepaper titled “Cybersmart Buildings: Securing Your Investments in Connectivity and Automation,” which details the importance of cybersecurity in buildings. To learn more, go to http://www.johnsoncontrols.com/insights/2017/buildings/features/cybersmart-buildings.

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