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Mobile turnstile security at local mine

Royal Bafokeng Platinum mine recently purchased a mobile turnstile solution for a new mine, north of Gauteng. Turnstar’s full height industrial turnstiles are the ideal way to secure an area and to control the traffic that flows through it. By only letting one person at a time through the turnstile, optimum security is achieved. This explains the popularity of the full height turnstiles in the mining and construction industry. Three Titan full height double turnstiles were fitted into a converted 40-foot shipping container.

Royal Bafokeng Platinum Mine mobile turnstile

The container has provision for a spacious office with the air conditioning. All the electrics were wired in at the Turnstar Johannesburg factory. With rubberized floor and vapour proof outdoor lighting, the container is a robust solution for even the toughest of environments. Mines are dangerous areas, people who venture into the depths need to know the safety rules and be dressed appropriately. With an access control tool, there is clear management of who goes in and out of the mine.

Turnstar manufactures a full range of industrial turnstiles for use on construction sites. The Titan 3 is the most popular unit for this application and is available in a number of different finishes including the hard-wearing hot-dip galvanised finish. A portable base is also available, this enables the item to be moved from one area to another in short order.

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