Light Steel Frame building shows its metal in roofing

The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) School Hall in Jeffrey’s Bay was a joint-winner of the LSFB (Light Steel Frame Building) category at the Steel Awards 2017. The project illustrated the advantages of the MiTek Ultra-Span (LSF) product in the erection of large complex roofs.

The project entailed the establishment of a world class, green education facility on a tight budget with the main challenge for architect Jacobus Scott being to come up with innovative solutions for a multi-use gathering area, which required a long span roof design. He turned to the MiTek Ultra-Span (LSF) system for the solution and this was perfect in these circumstances.

“The MiTek team designed and installed a cost-effective solution that not only looks impressive, but also effectively solved design and engineering problems that could never have been overcome with a traditional roofing system,” says Uwe Schluter of MiTek.

All trusses were designed to span parallel to the traditional supports, essentially producing trusses also serving as purlins. Ultra-Span girders were created at the ends to support short span trusses to comply with the required minimum ceiling height.

This idea was also adopted in the middle section of the roof to act as stability braces for the window panels, which were made with MiTek’s LSF wall framing product to allow for very specific window sizes, and to provide flat surfaces for the fixing of such windows. These window panels were manufactured in several parts to ease installation.

In typical Ultra-Span style, the 19m trusses were preassembled in braced pairs and then lifted into their final position on the roof ensuring fast erection of the roof structure and other installation works to continue on a stable platform.

Satisfied customer, Stefan Kleyn from the GLA, says the MiTek team designed and installed a cost-effective solution that not only looks impressive but is also an extraordinary feat of engineering.

John Barnard, Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association (Sasfa) director says that these two projects are indicative of an area of construction where LSF is increasingly playing an important role. “It is not only perfect for complex, long -span roofing structures, but LSF building is becoming increasingly relevant in a construction environment that is facing rising costs in materials and transport and in an end-user environment where energy costs are soaring and environmental issues are paramount,” he concludes.

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