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Meet the dumbwaiter

The term dumbwaiter was first used to describe a small elevator or lift to carry objects between floors. Simply called a dumbwaiter because it carried food or other objects between floors of large houses Elegant and ultra-efficient, the dumbwaiter makes serving and cleaning up fast and effortless. Dumbwaiters can be used whenever there is a need to move small quantities of goods from one level to another and are perfect for restaurants, libraries, hotels and many other industries.


Highly customisable and versatile, the dumbwaiters are neat, modern and require minimal shaft space. It can carry loads from 100kg to 300kg in the standard range, up to 500kg if specified. Maximum internal lift dimensions are restricted to 1000mm wide x 1000mm deep x 1200mm high in South Africa.

The first dumbwaiter used in ancient Greece used the rope and pulley version to transport food from the basement kitchens to the dining room. In 1883 a New York inventor created the first mechanical dumbwaiter lift. Powered dumbwaiters today require just a push of a button to raise or lower the car.

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