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In biology, a pathogen in the oldest and broadest sense is anything that can produce disease. A pathogen may also be referred to as an infectious agent, or simply a germ. While many medical advances have been made to safeguard against infection by pathogens, using vaccination, antibiotics and fungicide, pathogens continue to threaten human life with outbreaks of threatening pathogens spreading illnesses.

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Microorganisms can survive on surfaces for days and bacterial species can enter developmental stages to assume dormant forms of life as spores, allowing the bacteria to resist the effects of biocides and biocidal processes, staying viable on surfaces even in the absence of nutrients.

As we continue to experience the devastating Covid-19 pandemic globally, we are all acutely aware that viruses can survive on surfaces for several days if the circumstances are favourable. Therefore measures for better hygiene practices especially in healthcare facilities should be taken into use.

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Deko190 fully automatic and effective

Franke Medical has established the superior performance of the DEKO 190 ward washer-disinfector by verifying the machine’s cleaning efficacy as specified in the internationally recognized standard EN ISO 15883, in its Part 3: Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for human waste containers.

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DEKO 190 comes with fully automatic, effective and secured pre-programmed process cycles easily operated from its high-resolution touch-screen user interface. Thanks to the DEKO 190’s unique, patented freshwater re-circulation principle it has the minimum need for energy and water in relation to the capacity and efficacy of the adjustable process cycles. And with optimized water volume, the use of water per phase is remarkable – only 9 litres per fill!

The efficacy of the DEKO 190’s disinfection phase exceeds standard requirements. In addition to the elimination of any viable pathogens from the wash load, the entire machine – its water tank, pipework and outlet undergo disinfection by every cycle preventing microbes from growing inside the machine. This unique feature is of great importance and available only in the DEKO 190!

Wonderfully easy and trouble-free

Durability and reliability in continuous, heavy and busy operating circumstances have been the key factors in the design of the DEKO 190 washer-disinfectors for bedpans and human waste containers. DEKO 190 provides an unforeseen loading capacity and numerous user-friendly features that make the daily operation easy and trouble-free. DEKO 190 includes both manual and automatic door options with optimal opening height. All controls are at eye level and flexible usage of the wash chamber with individually removable racks make the DEKO 190 simple, comfortable and versatile to work with.

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Wonderfully quick and durable

The DEKO 190 occupies its space efficiently requiring very little floor space. Connections to water, electricity and drainage are provided with all necessary safety features. Regular control and maintenance of the machine are made quick and easy by the service mode of the PLC control and graphical user interface and the easily

accessible components. Sustaining aseptic operations in healthcare environments is practical by the ease of keeping the DEKO 190 surfaces clean.

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