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Impact Doors


The ideal door where privacy into restricted areas and appearance are major considerations.

Duralite doors

The heavy duty, insulated industrial Impact Door.

Swingflex Doors

Perfect for enclosing doorways where traffic flow is of utmost importance.

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Atmodoor Rigid 10

The ideal door where privacy into restricted areas and appearance are major considerations.

Each 13mm thick, rigid, stress relieved, sanitised, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panel is mounted in a one-piece continuous frame and will have a clear safety window.

Duralite doors

The Duralite Industrial Extra Heavy Duty Insulated Impact Door is designed for use in places where man-ridden vehicles are used to transport goods from one area to another.

Good for all pedestrian, cart or motorised man-ridden traffic in dry storage, refrigerated or washdown environments.

Renowned for their light weight construction of durable material and a long service life, the Duralite door has been designed to handle the toughest abuse and open easily, operate smoothly and close under their own weight allowing for safe damage-free passage of personnel and equipment.

Swingflex Doors

Perfect for enclosing doorways where traffic flow is of utmost importance.

Medium-duty doors open with a gentle push and close automatically, ensuring a constant environment by reducing draughts, noise levels and preventing heat/cold loss.

It is supported by corrosion-free, galvanised steel sections, mounted to an anchored frame, designed to absorb the shock loads which occur. The concealed torsion spring mechanism with doubleaction closers is externally adjustable and a central position adjustment is also provided.

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Pharmacies
  • Convenience stores
  • Processing plants
  • Factories
  • Improves workplace environment by preventing draughts.
  • Allows safe, damage free passage for personnel and equipment.
Manufacturer and supplier of Industrial doors and Loading dock equipment

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