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Taking it to the max with versatile door solutions for the distribution industry from Maxiflex

Maxiflex offers a comprehensive range of industrial door and loading dock solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of the distribution and logistics industry. As the exclusive Sub-Sahara Africa distributor of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Maxiflex’s product portfolio for storage and loading dock applications includes docking equipment such as swing lip dock levellers and curtain dock shelters, load-houses, overhead sectional doors, high-speed door systems and PVC strip curtains.


Maxiflex door solutions for storage and loading dock applications

The seamless distribution of goods from the source to the final destination requires careful planning and management at the point of loading and offloading. The entry and exit points through which the goods are moved are normally large; alongside the admission of wind, dust, insects and birds, internally controlled hot or cold air escapes through these portals, driving up electricity bills or causing product damage. Rugged, efficient and reliable door systems are therefore a critical link in the distribution chain.

“Defined by efficiency, robustness, flexibility, convenience and safety, and brimming with innovations, our door solutions help maintain better control and protection of goods, the equipment that handles them as well as, and most importantly, the workforce,” comments Bram Janssen, Managing Director of Maxiflex. “Our door systems are designed and engineered to deliver efficient and reliable performance even under extremely high workloads and arduous conditions to deliver lowest total cost of ownership.”

The modular design of overhead sectional doors from the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems product portfolio gives the freedom to make a specific configuration, making these modern, robust and flexible doors the perfect choice for warehouses, logistics centres and other distribution facilities. The joints are designed for better load distribution, ensuring rugged reliability over a long service life. Built to the highest standards, these extremely well-insulated doors are designed to deliver outstanding insulation and seamless performance in all weather conditions. Rubber gaskets on all sides ensure a 4-way seal to create maximum tightness. The doors boast a class 3-certification for water tightness, wind load and air permeability and deliver the lowest possible running cost.

“Our range of robust and efficient loading bay products facilitates and eases the loading and unloading process,” notes Janssen. “Designed and engineered to be easy and efficient to use with the protection of personnel, goods and equipment top of mind, the systems deliver optimum performance over a long life cycle.”

The easy-to-operate swing lip dock leveller connects the building with the vehicle, with the swing lip safely bridging the gap between the ramp and the vehicle bed. The product ensures safe and efficient goods transfer, avoiding injuries to personnel and damage to goods and equipment – the bent swing lip prevents material handling equipment from ‘grounding out’. The extremely robust swing lip support with burned plates absorbs all impact forces to avoid damage. The open hinges of the swing lip avoid blockage of ‘swinging out’ movement and it is very easy to maintain, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Unlike any other in the market, the curtain dock shelter from Maxiflex is exceptionally robust as the side and top curtains are made from extremely durable, 3mm thick flexible polyester fabric and a weight-reducing aluminium frame. When the vehicle reverses into the curtain shelter, it is sealed off to provide weather protection during the loading and unloading process. Should a vehicle deviate from the dock-in centre line and hit the shelter frame, built-in springs allow the shelter to follow the movement without being damaged. Unlike conventional mechanical dock shelters, the front curtains of the dock shelter are fixed to the front frames with steel balls which hold the fabric in place inside the frame in a flexible way allowing movement during impact from trucks. This increases the tear resistance of the fabric and avoids breaking points. In addition to contributing to a safer and more comfortable working environment, the product also protects goods and equipment.

Available in a number of models, the curtain dock shelters are suitable for a wide range of vehicle sizes and meet diverse customer requirements. Janssen notes that due to the extremely high wear and tear resistance of the curtain material, combined with a high price-to-performance ratio, more and more end-users are equipping their loading bays with these curtain dock shelters. “We also supply a convenient all-in-one docking control system that gives the user direct control of the dock leveller, dock shelter and door all in one control unit.”

Maxiflex was the first company to introduce high-speed doors to the South African market. The doors’ industry-leading opening and closing speeds of up to 2,5 m/s and 1,2 m/s respectively combined with their excellent sealing capabilities, help to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. The latest addition to the range is the high-speed sectional door which boasts an operational speed four times faster than standard counterparts. “Independent tests show that, compared to the standard panel sectional door, these new high-speed sectional doors can reduce energy expenses by a remarkable 12%,” notes Janssen. He adds that by effectively keeping out drafts, dust, dirt, and humidity, these doors create a hygienic, comfortable and safe working environment that is conducive to improved productivity.

Maxiflex is also a front-runner in the local strip curtain industry with its renowned high quality, in-house designed and manufactured Maxiflex’s rugged PVC strip curtains and sheeting. Manufactured from flexible, clear and durable PVC, these strip curtains present a perfect sealing solution for doorways in freezer environments.

In closing, Janssen highlights the importance of customer training as well as regular service and maintenance by qualified Maxiflex technicians. “A well-maintained door that is operated correctly will function and perform optimally over an extended lifespan, delivering lowest overall cost of ownership to end-users.”

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