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Matco Premier Grip

Premier Grip is a 100% recycled PVC interlocking tile system. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and has dirt-scraping raised nodules.

Matco Premier Track

Matco Premier Track is a heavy-duty, premium quality tile system. It is ideal for recessed entrance wells and has crush-resistant nylon carpet inserts.

Matco Super Contract Fall

Matco Super Contract Fall is a distinctive looped design matting system. It is suitable for recessed matwells and can be custom-printed.

Matco Super Scraper

Matco Super Scraper is a quality barrier mat for exterior use. Its the ideal choice for facility entrance loose lay with PVC Edging or in a matwell.

Matco Trio Brush

Matco Trio Brush is an attractive and hard wearing entrance matting. Its suitable for recessed matwells or lay to surface with bevelled edging applications

Matco Trio Scraper

Matco Trio Scraper is a superir high traffic entrance matting system. Install in recessed mat wells or loose-lay with bevelled edging.

Matco DM Aluminium

This high-quality aluminium matting is robust and designed for heavy-duty use such as high volume footfall in commercial locations.

Matco Spectra Clean

Matco Spectra Clean has a textured top surface providing outstanding scrubbing action, whilst absorbing moisture to save your floors from dirty footprints.

Rampmat Honeycomb rubber for all seasons

Matco Rampmat is our raised circular surface honeycomb pattern mat that provides grip while scraping dirt and moisture. It is also slip resistant.

Matco Super Contract Fall Distinctive looped design matting

Matco Super Contract Fall is a distinctive looped design matting. The resilient open loop design scrapes dirt from shoes with over 20 colours.

Matco COBAwash

COBAwash is a real asset in floor protection for both domestic and commercial use. Being easy to care for, it is practical and machine washable.

Matco Cotton Mat

Cotton Mat is durable, 100% ultra absorbent cotton pile surface that lifts wet, dry, and even greasy dirt. Machine washable and can be tumble or drip-dried

Matco Microfibre Doormat

Matco Microfibre Doormat is an exceptional multi-action entrance mat using hygienic microfibre technology. It is washable with super absorbency.

Matco Wash & Clean

Matcoa Wash & Clean is an economical washable doormat. It is stylish, soft-to-the-touch nylon mat with a PVC non-slip back.

Matco Cushion Fall

Cushion Fall is distinctive looped designed mat.The resilient vinyl loops scrape dirt off shoes and trap dirt, debris and moisture.

Matco Coir

Coir is a traditional natural doormat that is made fro,m coconut husk fibres. The coarse fibres are renowned for their dirt-scraping properties.

Matco Enviro-Mat

Enviro-Mat is a sturdy, heavy-duty doormat that is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and scrapes and traps dirt and debris.

Matco First-Step Tacky mats for contamination control

Matco First-Step is a tacky mat used for contamination control. It has an adhesive that lets it stick directly to the floor’s surface.

Matco Orthomat

Matco Orthomat has been specifically designed to reduce the onset of fatigue caused by prolonged standing. It has a pebbled ‘textured’ surface,

Matco Fatigue-Step Anti-slip floor tiles for wet and oily areas

Matco Fatigue-Step is an anti-slip floor tile for wet and oily areas. It interlocks and has open holes for general industrial use.

Matco Bubblemat

Bubblemat mats have raised surfaces that stimulate blood circulation on foot movement. They are made of 100% natural rubber and are water resistant

Matco Diamond Tread

Matco Diamond Tread is the ideal matting for welding bays. Its heavy duty “diamond tread” top surface has a comfortable foam backing.

Matco KwikLok PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Matco KwikLok is a 100% recycled PVC interlocked floor tile. It’s an ideal low-cost solution and requires no adhesive to install.

Matco COBArib

COBArib is a durable, anti-slip fluted rubber mat. Made from natural rubber, it has fine ribbed surface and provides insulation from noise and cold concrete

Matco COBA switch VDE

COBA switch VDE is specially designed mat, made out of natural rubber to be used in front of an open switchboard and high voltage equipment.

Matco Workplace Matting

Matco Workplace Matting is a range of industrial applications such as for or use on stairs, countertops, workshop floors and load boxes.

Matco GripSafe Anti-slip, protective liner

Matco GripSafe is an anti-slip, protective liner. It is ideal for shelves and trays and cushions and protects components.

Matco COBAdeluxe Rubber Bar Mat

COBAdeluxe from Matco is the ultimate rubber bar matting. It is effective in minimising glass breakage, and its open holes provide for efficient drainage.

Matco Rampmat An economical anti-fatigue mat

Matco Rampmat is an economical anti-fatigue mat for the workplace. Its made from hardwearing NBR rubber, with a raised circular surface for slip resistance

Matco Unimat The only ‘drainable’ rubber runner

Matco Unimat is the only ‘drainable’ rubber runner. Its A real asset in helping to prevent slipping in wet /oily areas and ideal for event caterers.

Matco K-Mat Get a grip on greasy floors

Matco K-Mat is 100% nitrile mat with excellent resistance to grease, oils, fats and detergents. It has open holes for efficient drainage.

Matco Diamond Grid Flexible PVC multi-purpose matting

Diamond Grid is a flexible PVC multi-purpose mat. Its specially designed underside studs have exceptional water drainage properties.

Matco COBAmat

A range of extremely flexible interwoven PVC safety matting available in a choice of bright colours and hole sizes for different applications.

Matco MK3 Recycled Rubber & Plastic Drainage Mats

Matco MK3 is a 100% recycled rubber & plastic drainage mat, that is an anti-fatigue, non-slip. drainage and protection mat.

Matco Flexi-Deck Flexible PVC floor tiles ideal for wet areas

Matco Flexi-Deck is a flexible PVC floor tile that is ideal for wet areas. Its holes allow drainage of liquid and debris.

Matco Ringmat Extremely tough rubber matting

Matco Ringmatis an extremely tough rubber matting system. Its slip-resistant and has connectors available to link matting for larger areas.

Matco Knee Saver

Matco Knee Saver will take the strain out of kneeling. Its the ideal pad for every uncomfortable kneeling jobs. It is also resistant to oils and chemicals.

Matco COBAdeluxe

COBAdeluxe is ultra comfortable, safe and has excellent slip resistance in wet and oily environments; having the ability to drain away liquid spillage.

Matco Solid Fatigue-Step

Matco Solid Fatigue-Step is ultra-comfortable with interlocking tiles. It has an anti-fatigue surface with tiles able to be moved and replaced.

Matco Premier Star Gripper Plus

Matco Premier Start Gripper Plus is ideal for recessed entrance wells. It is interlocking entrance tiles designed for a matwell.

Matco Unimat

Matco Unimat is the only ‘drainable’ rubber runner. It is a versatile open holed mat with excellent drainage properties. It’s an anti-slip properties.

Matco Flexi-Deck Hygienic storage surface for glasses

Matco Flexi-Deck is a hygienic storage surface for glasses. It is a flexible PVC tile that is ideal for bar shelves and has holes that allows for drainage.

Matco GripSafe Gives surfaces enhanced grip

Matco GripSafe gives surfaces an enhanced grip. It is ideal for bars, shelves and trays. Made from PVC foam, it is easy to cut and trim to shape.

Matco Diamond Grid Flexible matting for catering, hospitality and food processing industries

Diamond Grid is a flexible amt made especially for catering, hospitality and the food processing industry. They are oil resistant with an anti-slip surface.

Matco First-Step

Matco First-Step is a tacky mat used for contamination control. It captures dirt and dust from footwear and wheeled equipment for contamination control.

Matco K-Mat Best-selling ‘safety floor’ kitchen mat

Matco K-Mat is the best selling ‘safety floor’ kitchen mat. It has hygienic and anti-microbial properties with bevelled edges all around.

Matco Rampmat

Matco Rampmat is an economical anti-fatigue mat for workplaces. It has a raised circular surface for superior slip resistance.

Matco Diamond Grid Leisure

Diamond Grid Leisure is a flexible PVC matting for wet leisure areas. It has a non-slip surface, that is comfortable and hygienic for bare feet.

Matco Flexi-Deck Ideal for shower rooms and swimming pool walkways

Matco Flexi-Deck is ideal for shower rooms and swimming pool walkways. It is a PVC tile that is flexible and hygienic and reduces slipping on wet surfaces.

Matco MK3 100% Recycled Rubber & Plastic Drainage Mats

Matco MK3 is 100% recycled rubber & plastic drainage mats. It is easy to install and is an anti fatigue, non-slip, drainage and protection mat.

Matco KwikLok Recycled PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Matco KwikLok is 100% recycled PVC interlocking floor tile. It is easy to install requires no adhesives. KwikLok is a popular low cost flooring.

Matco Ringmat Safety for children’s play areas

Matco Ringmat is a durable rubber matting suitable for playgrounds. It has a long lifespan even in outdoor conditions, with open holes to for grass growth.


COBAGRiP is a range of UV stabilised GRP sheets, treads and stair nosing designed to offer exceptional levels of slip-resistance both indoors and out.

Matco COBAGRiP Stair Nosing

COBAGRiP Stair Nosing and Tread are designed to help prevent slips on stairs. Suitable for use on existing or newly built staircases.

Matco Kwiklok 100% Recycled PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Matco Kwiklok is 100% recycled PVC interlocking floor tiles. It is easy to install and needs no adhesive to install. Made from 100% recycled PVC.

Matco Gripfoot

Matco Gripfoot is an abrasive grit ‘anti-slip’ products with self-adhesive backing available in tapes, cleats and tiles. It provides additional grip.

Matco Gripfoot Conformable | Anti-Slip Surface Tape

Gripfoot Conformable Anti-Slip Surface Tape, cleat or tiles. Its self-adhesive foiled backing allows for ‘rolling’ or ‘hammering’

Matco COBAtape

COBAtape is a floor tape that is for pedestrian use only. This self-adhesive backed PVC floor tape is designed to effectively mark lines on floors.

Matco MK3

Matco MK3 is an easy to clean, anti-fatigue, non-slip, drainage and protection mat. It is ideal for bar areas and reduces the risk of slipping.

Matco Fatigue-Step

Matco Fatigue-Step is a versatile interlocking rubber floor tile that is ideal for bars and kitchens. It is easy to install, move, clean and replace.

Matco Alba

Remarkable durable nylon carpet that is ideal for high volume entrance areas such as walkways and corridors. An effective way to protect interior floors.

Matco Bakkie Mats

Bakkie Mats are hardwearing & made from recycled tyres. They are durable, slide-resistant, flexible and double up as sand tracks when your wheels get stuck.

Matco Chairmats

Workplace chairmats are an ideal low-cost solution for protecting floor surfaces. Includes installations instructions for an easy DIY instillation.

Matco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles

Matco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles is an entrance floor tile made from recycled materials. Itás an ideal low-cost solution for refurbishing floor surfaces.

Matco Q-Beez

Q-Beez feature 2 different zones. The first zone is the drying/scraping zone. The second zone is the collection zone to collect and contain the dirt.

Matco Treadwell

Matco Treadwell is an entrance floor tile made from recycled materials. It is an exceptionally durable nylon carpet and looks stylish.

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