Customised Wall Coatings

Manufacturers and suppliers of interior and exterior specialist wall coatings and finishes. An extensive product range of superb long lasting finishes are available in a wide variety of textures and colours. Coatings are suitable for most surfaces and are environmentally friendly.

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keyboard_arrow_upCarrara Granostone
keyboard_arrow_downCarrara Granostone

Carrara Granostone is a high build textured granite coating suitable for interior or exterior use on either new or previously painted walls that have been properly prepared.

keyboard_arrow_upGalvo Clean
keyboard_arrow_downGalvo Clean

Marmoran Galvo Clean is a highly efficient non-abrasive acidic type liquid for cleaning new and oxidized galvanised steel surfaces prior to painting.

keyboard_arrow_upGeneral Purpose Waterproofing Compound
keyboard_arrow_downGeneral Purpose Waterproofing Compound

A durable membrane free waterproofing system suitable for multi-surfaces.

Latest news & press releases

keyboard_arrow_upSunningdale Shopping Centre gets a makeover
keyboard_arrow_downSunningdale Shopping Centre gets a makeover

The residents of Umhlanga were treated to a much-needed makeover of their local popular attraction, Sunningdale Shopping Centre. Built more than 20 years ago, the refurbishment of the shopping centre was long over-due. 1074m² of Marmoran products were used on the exterior of the retail establishment, with 1.5mm of Permacrete being used as a protective […]

keyboard_arrow_upMarmoran Heatgard 4 radiant heat barrier paint
keyboard_arrow_downMarmoran Heatgard 4 radiant heat barrier paint

Heatgard 4 is a coating system that provides medium build radiant heat control. It acts as a protective shield against solar radiation by re-radiating most of the infra-red and ultra violet rays back into the atmosphere.

keyboard_arrow_upStucco type Italianate plaster for a unique finish
keyboard_arrow_downStucco type Italianate plaster for a unique finish

Marmoran Décor Crete is a trowel applied stucco type plaster that is polished to create a gentle mottled and aged appearance. A range of natural earth tone colours add depth and character to enhance this decorative application. 


keyboard_arrow_upStone Finish
keyboard_arrow_downStone Finish

Aggregates are embedded into a resin bonded background plaster to achieve a highly attractive and extremely durable coating.


An attractive coating comprising of natural and tinted quarts that creates a chic fine finish.


A tinted trowel applied textured resin bonded plaster. It contains graded aggregates to produce a raked finish in various patterns.