Maris stainless steel sinks

Swiss manufacturer FRANKE’s, Maris line is designed with the cleanest of design lines and marries super-sleek lines with top performance and easy operation.

franke maris stainless steel sink

The new Maris Range of Swiss-made sinks features sleek and formal ultra-rational bowls in matt brushed stainless steel. Satisfyingly reduced (no integrated drainer means more work surface) and with the neatest of radii, the 5 differently sized models – from the extremely compact 230mm wide to the very spacious 740mm and a double-bowl variant, designed for under-mount installation. These models can be mixed and matched in any combination for perfect functionality and a harmonious look.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most popular material in private and professional kitchens because it is both heat and shock resistant, oblivious to sudden temperature changes and non-porous, making it hygienic and easy to clean. Another plus is that it doesn’t absorb food colours or odours.

Matt brushed stainless steel has a timeless elegance that suits virtually any kitchen worktop. Besides being beautiful and practical, these new Maris sinks also present an attractively priced entry point to the world of minimalist stainless steel bowls – and ensure that Franke’s motto to “Make it Wonderful” with products that enhance your life continues to fill your kitchen with wonder.


Maris design & philosophy

The full Franke range of Maris Kitchen Products was launched to the public at Eurocucina, Milan, in a red-hot collaboration with Israeli-born, New York-based architect and designer Dror Benshetrit. The Maris Free design line, drafted by Dror manages to break through the contemporary, seamlessly integrated kitchen landscape by contrasting visual and textured surfaces and shapes against one another. Maris generates a sense of the familiar, of the warmth of home, communicating a handmade quality.

The Maris range combines clean, yet friendly, aesthetics with reliable performance and easy operation.



Bring a tailor-made feel and Swiss-made precision into your kitchen with the New Maris Sink Range in Stainless Steel.

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