7 Awe-inspiring marble use cases

Marble use examples, Marble an exceptionally versatile material used for centuries to create awe-inspiring art, majestic staircases, classic kitchens and resplendent flooring. With today’s contemporary design trends, the wide selection of marble can be used in more ways than ever before.

Here are some excellent examples of what can be achieved with the superior quality marble in the Rudi’s Choice Collection.

1. Nero Marquina Marble

Rudi’s Choice Nero Marquina marble wall cladding

Nero Marquina is a dramatic, black marble with a mixture of delicate and full white lightning strikes across its breadth. Nothing says sophistication like the classic, yet stark pairing of black and white tones – even more so when they’re woven together by nature. Nero Marquina marble is polished to a smooth, reflective finish and can be used in almost any application, whether flooring, wall cladding, splashbacks in the kitchen or even a dramatic countertop for your entrance sidetable. This marble would make a showstopping fireplace cladding material and has successfully been applied to modern bathroom designs and modern kitchen designs.

2. Statuario Marble

White and grey Rudi’s Choice Statuario Marble kitchen CountertopOne of the all-time classic marbles, Statuario is a highly dramatic white and grey marble. With vivid and artistic veining, Statuario is bound to be the focal point of any design interior it occupies. Whether for backsplashes, feature walls, cladding, bathroom vanities or flooring, Statuario marble will make a statement.

3. Marron Imperial Marble pillars with Pietra Grey Marble floors

Pillars of Marron Imperial marble with Pietra Grey marble floors

If you love the boldness of Marron Emperador, but her rich yellow undertones don’t quite fit your design scheme, Marron Imperial is an absolute shoo-in. Cacao and coffee tones create the base of this gorgeous marble, balanced by frivolous white highlights that dance across the full slab.

With an earthy, grey background and its white, streaky veins, Pietra Grey is an understated, classic marble material suitable for moody spaces, serious interiors or nature-centric interiors. This marble surface would be ideal for a bachelor pad bathroom, apartment kitchen or any luxury interior design. Designer kitchens and designer bathrooms are beginning to feature all kinds of marble surfaces as the material offers timeless appeal and a sophisticated touch to any interior.

4. Mystic Brown Marble vanity and wall cladding

Bathroom interior with Mystic Brown Marble vanity and wall cladding

Mystic Brown marble captures all the allure of a steaming cup of luxury hot chocolate. Swirls of Nutella and dark chocolate motifs intertwine with milky highlights, creating an inviting look and feel to this traditional natural stone finish. Mystic Brown is a classic marble that would complement any application, whether flooring, wall cladding, reception counters or table tops.

5. Mont Blanc Marble flooring

Mont Blanc Marble natural stone flooring

Mont Blanc marble is named after the most famous and highest mountain in the Alps, giving this natural stone an almost regal air. Its soft, pastel base is adorned with sharp, buttercream and iron-grey patterning, giving this marble a rather feminine, yet edgy, look and feel. Mont Blanc is ideal for bathroom and boudoir schemes, restaurant interiors and high-end shop fittings, as well as residential and other commercial applications.

6. Rainforest Brown Marble feature fireplace

Marble fireplace in Rainforest Brown

This exquisite marble carries the wild, earthy colouring of South Africa’s gold tiger’s eye semi-precious stone. With a cloudy background of ochre, tan and ivory tones, Rainforest Brown explodes with intricate branches of deep brown veining across the surface’s foreground.

7. Marron Emperador Dark and Crème Marfil Marble fireplace cladding

Fireplace cladded with Marron Emperador Dark and Crème Marfil Marble

Marron Emperador is a supernova of plush, velvety brown, winter white and cream streaks with exceptionally striking veining. The brown tones create a warmth about this beautiful, classic marble, making it a popular choice across design styles. Marron Emperador’s outrageous beauty is amplified when paired with dark timbers and contrasting textures while the Crème Marfil is a beautiful marble that epitomises the Classical era. One can almost imagine the palatial monuments of ancient Greece and Rome clad from floor to ceiling in this regal, natural stone. Crème Marfil’s creamy, tea tones and its consistent, lightly clouded patterning make it a stunning neutral palette feature piece for any interior or exterior application. This marble is also known for its fine veining and natural cracks, which all add to its beauty. As with all marbles, be careful when choosing where to install this stone, as it’s softer than granite and engineered quartz surfaces and more likely to chip, crack, stain and erode when exposed to acids like lemon juice. Marble also requires regular maintenance in order to keep it looking its best.

International Slab Sales is the distributor of the Rudi’s Choice Marble & Onyx Collection. It is perfect for creating a striking or inviting space in any area of your home, retail or office spaces. Whether countertops, flooring, backsplashes, or cladding, marble and onyx can elevate any interior or exterior design.

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