Reasons to use Tanalised wood preservative

For all timber structures, using pressure-treated wood is first prize. In South Africa, we pressure treat SA Pine sawn timber and poles, and Eucalyptus Gum poles. An important requirement of the South African National Standard (SANS) 10005 – The Preservative Treatment of Timber – is that whenever pressure-treated wood is cut, drilled, notched or machined it should be resealed with a supplementary wood preservative.

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Used in agriculture

Through the above-mentioned actions, there is a possibility that the untreated heartwood (central portion of a log) could be exposed to insect and fungal attack, if not resealed. Tanalised Enseal Green and Enseal Clear are ideal for resealing these exposed areas.

Tanalised Enseal Greenor Tanalised Enseal Clear can be used for remedial protection of existing treated wooden structures or for surface protection against insect attack and wood decay of in-situ untreated wooden structures. After existing termite or borer infested timber has been fumigated (or borer holes injected with a pesticide), Tanalised Enseal Greenor Tanalised Enseal Clearcan be brushed over the affected area for remedial surface protection against insect attack and wood decay.

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Tanalised Enseal Green or Tanalised Enseal Clear provides protection against insect attack and wood decay and is not a substitute for wood sealants such as wood varnishes, oils and stains. Wood structures still need protection against UV degradation and weathering, which is offered by various wood sealant products. Our suggestion would be for exterior applications to use Tanalised Enseal first, and then once sufficiently dry, overcoat with a penetrating wood sealant.

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