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Converting a loft into a bedroom?

Decided to turn a loft into a bedroom for extra space? Unlike a normal ceiling, IsoBoard ceilings also regulate temperature, making it feel much cooler in summer and warmer in winter for as long as the building stands.

IsoBoard is a rigid board bulk thermal insulator, available in various thicknesses and lengths to meet most requirements. IsoBoard believes in being conservative when making claims as to the performance of our products and testing these claims regularly through reputable agencies, such as the Board of Agreement.

IsoBoard has performed extensive modelling of various buildings to assess the level of thermal resistance (and equivalent thickness of IsoBoard) necessary to achieve comfort with the minimum of energy usage and at an affordable cost.

Nail Up Ceiling Thermal Insulation

Heat gain in residential homes is largely through the roof structure. Insulated ceilings retard heat flow into the living areas in summer, and contain generated heat in winter, providing a comfortable living environment.

Typical uses for IsoBoard in this application

  • Residential housing is installed as an insulated ceiling.
  • IsoPine grooved and bevelled finishes are options.
  • In retail developments when no insulation is provided, IsoBoard is frequently retrofitted to achieve comfort and cost-saving objectives, and protect the expected shelf life of perishable produce.
  • Community housing, police stations, clinics, school projects and Office developments.
  • Cold storage applications.
  • Designs that function with minimum mechanical cooling.
  • Passively cooled building systems.
  • Agricultural, pharmaceutical, medical and commercial applications with temperature-controlled environments requiring stable internal temperatures.

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