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Available brochures in the CFD (Contract Flooring Distributors) collection:

The flooring products CFD manufacture and supply are uncompromisingly the very best in their field:
  • Sub-floor Preparation Systems: Comprising the UZIN range of superior products imported from Germany (including adhesives, sealants and levelling compounds) that enjoy a strong, loyal following in the local flooring industry because they have many advantages that offset a relatively high price.
  • Dirt-exclusion entrance matting: Nu-Way, the best in the world, manufactured under licence in SA by CFD, and Way-In, proudly designed and manufactured in SA by CFD.
  • Flooring Trims: TRIMZ flooring trims, DIVIDA levelling systems and SAFESTEP stair nosing are all CFD Brands, manufactured in aluminium and UPVC by a local company to exclusive CFD designs.

CFD Flooring: Solvent-Free Contact Adhesive UZIN WK 222


Powerful contact adhesive with short open time and immediate load-bearing. For profiles, rods, skirting as well as all common types of floor covering on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.
2 pages

CFD Flooring: Way-in Decorative Entrance Matting


The open structure of Way-In allows dirt, moisture and other debris removed from footwear to fall through the mat-well, preventing it from being carried through into the building and soiling and damaging the entrance floor.
2 pages