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DESSO AirMaster: The Carpet that Cleans the Air


The DESSO engineered product is able to capture fine dust, without the use of chemical additives. It is the carpet's structure that delivers a mechanical solution, making this functionality permanent and without side effects. The high pile consists of ultra fine yarn filaments (DESSO AirFiltersTM), capturing and retaining the smallest particulate matter (< 10 μm).
From Desso

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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators


Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC is the designer and manufacturer of the vacuum elevator. PVE is an innovative, technology-based company that has revolutionised how people and goods may be vertically transported within residential, marine and stage environments.



Percale is an ultra matt acrylic paint that is designed for interior and exterior use.

Mos 80


Mos 80 is a mosquito repellent acrylic paint with anti-fungal properties and is designed for interior or exterior use. It is idea for walls and ceilings.



Carecoat is a zero voc low sheen pure acrylic paint that is designed for interior or exterior use.

Efaflex - Safe High-Speed Doors


Efaflex is the global leader in high-speed doors. With their patented spiral door, Efaflex has been able to grab hold of their market and continue to develop themselves and their products to stay ahead of the pack. Efaflex offers doors for a variety of applications, namely in the commercial and industrial field. Be it for cold storage, conveyor belts or basic loading docks, there is a range of high-speed, automated doors to suit your needs.

Efaflex F-Series


The horizontal folding motion of high-speed folding doors ensures that the entire vertical clearance is achieved immediately. F Series doors open at high speed and are capable of withstanding extreme loads. They protect against noise and draughts, save energy and offer impressive heat and sound insulation characteristics.

Efaflex S-Series


If speed is what you need, then EFAFLEX High-Speed Spiral Doors will give you the superior advantage. Thanks to their unique construction – the spiral – they achieve peak speeds of up to 4 m / s. Accelerating your work processes enormously

Efaflex TK-Series


The cold chain for deep-frozen products must never be interrupted during storage and transport. This demands an enormous amount of energy and high logistical effort. Installing insulated doors helps to minimise temperature losses and to accelerate processes.

Dynaco All Weather M3


The DYNACO All Weather M3 is specifically designed for large sized heavy duty operations in exterior environments with extreme wind loads. The DYNACO All Weather M3 protects your environments against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. Our door opens and closes fast, improves your traffic flows and provides employee comfort, environmental control and energy savings.

Dynaco S-535 Atex Compact


The Dynaco S-535 Atex Compact is specifically designed for inside applications in explosion sensitive environments. All metal parts are stainless steel, non-metallic parts are composed of antistatic or electrical conductive materials, thus avoiding the build up of static electricity that could generate sparks.