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Launch of Tanalised® E wood treatment plant embraces Western Cape green belt ethos

With the growing trend towards choosing environmentally compliant products that reduce our carbon footprint, Arch Wood Protection has made its mark in the Western Cape with the commissioning of the first Tanalised® E treatment plant in the province.

Tanalised® E wood preservative has been awarded the Ecospecifier Global certification

Tanalised® E wood preservative has been awarded the Ecospecifier Global certification, which means that the product has undergone rigorous assessments that have verified it as a global environmentally preferable product. Perfectly positioned in the ‘hub’ of the Cape ‘Green’ Belt, the Riversdale Sawmill Tanalised® E treatment plant is a significant step towards growing the environmentally compliant wood treatment market.

The initiative is a joint business venture that is being spearheaded by two prominent and established industry players in the Western Cape. Outdoor timber specialists, The Pole Yard and Elvin Roelofse, who boasts a 25-year professional career in the forestry industry, entered into discussions in April last year to introduce environmentally compliant timber options in the Western Cape.

Leeroy Deane of The Pole Yard, explains further, “When Riversdale Sawmill, which included a CCA treatment plant, came up for sale we knew that this was our opportunity to bring this venture to fruition. We purchased the mill and Arch Wood Protection converted the CCA plant to a Tanalised® E treatment plant, which was then commissioned at the end of October 2015”.
“The long-standing 15-year business relationship between The Pole Yard and myself provides a solid foundation for this joint venture. We are confident that our combined expertise will grow this business into a substantial local and export market for environmentally compliant wood treatment product options,” adds Elvin Roelofse.

Arch Wood Protection commissions first Tanalised® E treatment plant in Western Cape

In a rapidly changing environment where eco-sensitive choices are becoming paramount, consumers are looking for wood treatment options. In particular household and children’s wood products such as jungle gyms, planter boxes and garden furniture are being scrutinized for safe use.

“Tanalised® E pressure treated wood contains a copper azole base formulation that does not leave any harmful residues in the soil or water and poses no risk for use around people, animals, plants and the environment. It is used for structural and decorative timber products for both indoor and outdoor applications to preserve wood against termites, fungal decay and insect borers,” explains Doug Sayce, General Manager of Arch Wood Protection.

“The launch of the Riversdale Sawmill’s Tanalith® E treatment plant will provide an environmentally responsible wood treatment option to the community and in doing so will embrace the ‘Green Belt’ ethos of the Western Cape. We look forward to establishing a market that will promote the ‘green stamp of approval’ with Tanalised® E wood preservative products,” concludes Leeroy.

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