Kwikot’s new Superline electric geyser

Energy- and water-efficiency all-in-one

Reduced electricity and water usage with Kwikot Superline geysers

Did you know that the geyser accounts for as much as 40% of a home’s monthly electricity bill?

New Kwikot Superline Electric Geysers have been developed specifically to save you money and are in accordance with new legislation.

With a more than 50% reduction in the hourly heat loss, lower water pressure, plus an unbelievable 7 year warranty on the inner tank, Kwikot Superline Geysers offer reduced electricity and water usage; resulting in considerable savings.

  • The Kwikot Superline 400 Dual is a high pressure electric water heater available in a 100 litre, 150 litre and 200 litre.
  • The inner cylinder is manufactured from 1.6mm steel and thermofused porcelain enamelled for cylinder longevity and hygiene.
  • The polyurethane insulation between the inner cylinder and the outer galvanised casement is 128% thicker, resulting in the hourly standing heat loss decreasing from 108 watts per hour to 50 watts per hour, a 50% decrease on the 150 lt.
  • A lower energy loss, a more efficient electric water heater. Energy efficiency improved from a D rating to a B rating.
  • Renewable energy ready for a Solar Retrofit System or a Heat Pump.
  • The units can be installed horizontally or vertically.

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