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Koala Kare Products

Koala Kare

Responding to the increasing demand for “family friendly” public facilities, architects and interior designers are specifying baby and child care products in both men’s and women’s commercial toilet and bath facilities. Koala Baby Changing Stations and Child Protection Seats help mothers and fathers cleanly and safely care for their babies. Koala was the first to develop baby changing stations for the commercial market. Koala is the only manufacturer to provide vertical, horizontal, and counter top designs. The convenient Child Protection Seat used in public bathroom stalls, vanity sink areas, and dressing rooms minimizes child risk. Koala products provide solutions for commercial facility owners and their family customers.

Parents appreciate public establishments that provide safe, sanitary amenities for their children according to recently conducted national survey. In fact, they are more loyal and spend more money at food service and retail operations that are ‘family friendly.’


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Koala Kare

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