Swartland launches a new range of insulation

Leading local supplier of building-related products, Swartland, has recently launched its Summit range, which comprises all products related to the ceiling and up. The first product to be launched in this range is internationally renowned Knauf insulation.

Knauf insulation from Swartland uses Ecose Technology to bind the insulationSays Cobus Lourens, from Swartland: “Swartland is very excited to be launching Knauf Mineral Wool Insulation under its Summit range of products. Knauf’s brand promise resonates exceptionally well with that of Swartland – both promise durable, high-quality products, affordable price points, sustainable manufacturing processes, as well as environmentally friendly technology and cradle-to-grave sustainability principles in its product offerings and its manufacturing processes.”

More square metres per roll

Cobus says that Knauf insulation holds more product per individual bag than any other competitor currently on the market: “The Knauf rolls offer more insulation in them per square metre than any of its local competitors. For example, the 50mm roll offers 22,8 square metres, while its nearest competitor only offers 12 square metres. The Knauf 100mm roll offers 12,12 square metres, and its 135mm roll offers 9 square metres, while its closest competitor only offers 7,2 square metres in both. Furthermore, the Knauf insulation is vacuum packed, which makes them physically smaller than its competitors to store. As a result – Knauf offers great space saving benefits for merchants, which allows them to stock more insulation in a smaller space – a great value add when shelf space is at such a high premium.”

High-end quality at an affordable price point

When compared to other competitors on the market, Cobus explains that Knauf insulation offers best-in-market R-values and fire ratings: “Knauf insulation is top in its class when it comes to R-values – for example, the 50mm insulation offers an R-value of 1,25, while its closest competitor is 1,20. Its 100mm offers an R-value of 2,50, while its 135mm has an R-value of 3,38. In fact, the Knauf insulation has R-values that are approximately 22% better per size when compared to most other insulation. It also has a Euro Class A1 fire rating, as well as SANS10177 Part 5 fire-rated certification – making it a really high-end quality product. ”

Easier installation

Unlike all the other insulation products that are currently on the market, Cobus explains that Knauf boasts a combi cut feature that makes installation much easier: “Combi-cut products have partially cut perforations, providing the flexibility to be used between joists at either 400mm or 600mm centres, or used unsplit as a full-width roll. For example, you can use the rolls in multiple widths of 2 x 600mm; 1 x 800mm; 1 x 400mm – or you can use it as one single piece.”

Sustainability and eco-friendliness 

Summit’s Knauf glass wool insulation boasts a high recycled content that is mainly derived from naturally occurring materials. It also features a revolutionary binder technology called ECOSE™ Technology, which has cemented its place as a truly sustainable building material, explains Cobus: “Manufactured from naturally occurring and recycled raw materials, and bonded using a bio-based technology that makes it free from phenols, acrylics and with no added formaldehyde, artificial colours, bleach or dyes, Knauf insulation is a very eco-friendly product.

Swartland’s Knauf mineral wool insulation is easy to cut and flexible

Swartland’s Knauf mineral wool insulation is easy to cut and flexible

“The bio-based materials that are used means that it doesn’t itch or give off any unpleasant odours – making it easier to work with when compared to other insulation products. Furthermore, it gives off virtually zero dust, so it will contribute to improved indoor air quality compared to other conventional mineral wool insulation. It also offers a reduced impact on the environment through lower embodied energy, as well as diminishing pollutant manufacturing emissions and workplace exposures. In fact, just by installing Knauf insulation, you will improve the overall sustainability of any building,” notes Cobus.

Knauf is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of insulation solutions, and it is present in over 35 countries worldwide. Says Cobus: “We believe that Knauf is a great addition to Swartland’s Summit range of products. As with all Swartland’s products – Knauf also sets the benchmark with regards to environmental sustainability, impressive durability and quality, as well as innovation.”

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