Manually operated
A range of hardware for the operation of inaccessible windows, including chain openers for top-hung vents and centre-hung vents. Simultaneous operation of a number of windows can be achieved.

Chain openers 
Available in travel increments of 250 and 400 mm, with fully retracting chain unit and quick release. These inconspicuous, easy-to-clean devices are very durable.

The mini handle is used for single and grouped applications where the spent travel tube is sheathed and surface mounted. Handle is 100 mm in length. Width, 38 mm; length, 241 mm. Box diameter, 24 mm; overall diameter, 83 mm.

The maxi handle is for applications needing a maximum range of vents. Handle is 25 mm in length. Width, 92 mm; length, 213 mm. Box diameter, 39 mm; overall diameter, 92 mm.

Electrically operated 
Traction force 30kg. Thrust force 15kg. 220 V – 0.80A. Travel adjustable at 250 or 380 mm, by means of a small external switch. Safety feature, automatic cut-off when fully opened or closed. Aluminium box: Dimensions 270 x 50 x 85 mm. Able to operate more windows, and suitable for strip or large windows.