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Motorised Curtain Tracks

DC motor slows down when approaching the limit position. This avoids a jerking motion when starting and stopping the curtains.

Just pull the curtain lightly, and it will run automatically and stop until fully opened or closed.

Curtain can be manually opened and closed when power is off.

This motor has a intelligent electronic limit memory function, no need to set the limit position by hand, it greatly shortens the debugging time. this function can automatically delete the limit difference of each day and keep the precise limit position for a long time.

  • Made to measure tracks fully assembled.
  • Suitable for straights and bends.
  • Quiet DC motor with soft start and soft stop.
  • Touch control technology, gently pull the curtain to open or close them.
  • Integrated control ensures operation manually in case of power failure.
  • Built in radio receiver, switch and / or network control.
  • Full automatic setting of the limits.
  • Compatible with most home automation.
  • Tracks will be made up as one track to 6.7meters. Joiners are used for longer lengths, with the join in the center.
  • Bent rails will be supplied in one piece.
  • Left and right stacking tracks will be supplied with an overlap arm.
  • Center opening tracks will be supplied with two overlap arms. This ensures
  • Secure overlap and no curtain interference.
  • Wave runners – we only use the 8cm Rufflette square wave runner on motorised tracks. This will give a better finish at the end of the rail.
  • Standard curtain tracks will be supplied with heavy duty wheeled runners – 12 per meter.
  • Brackets and runners will be supplied as per chart. This is just a guide and should you require more please request. We have many different frames to cover most applications.
  • Motorized drapery system for both straight and curve curtains.
  • Quiet dc motor, wireless remote control or ac switch control dual modes.
  • Track with self-lubricating design, with durable textile belt system, easy for installation.
  • Intelligent electronic limit, resistance and stop function that can be extent the usage life both drives and track.
  • With slow start, slow stop function.
  • The 3rd generation clutch.
  • Touch control function can be switched on and off.
  • Two intermediate stops function.
  • Built-in radio receiver inside, which is compatible with all RAEX transmitters.
  • With dry contact interface, user can use the three buttons/two buttons or inching control function to operate
  • Motor drive device patent
  • Touch control function patent
  • Hand pulling start function patent

99 Shaft Street, Stormill
South Africa

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