Norbond™ V1300

Norbond V1300 series bonding tapes combine an elastomeric foam substrate with a  durable pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. The foam properties dissipate vibrations and distribute stress forces, while the adhesive provides a long-term bond. Norbond tapes also aid in relieving forces caused by thermal expansion and contraction between bonded parts, thereby helping to maintain bonds during temperature cycles. Norbond Normount  tapes act as an effective buffer between dissimilar materials, helping to prevent corrosion by eliminating contact between them.

 Norbond tapes reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners such as screws and rivets, liquid adhesives, welds and subsequent surface refinishing – saving time,  increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving overall product appearance.

The Norbond series is an ideal choice for interior or exterior bonding applications. This comprehensive product line includes foams and tapes that are durable in all weather conditions and offer resistance to UV light, extreme temperatures, fungi, oxidation and ozone.

Norbond™ V1300: Bonding Tape

  • Foam substrate offers excellent environmental resistance
  • Durable acrylic adhesive for a strong, long-lasting bond
  • Elastomeric core
  • Prevents corrosion by eliminating contact between dissimilar materials