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Kenoron Products

Kenoron Products Pty (Ltd) is a family run company with the interests of the customer in mind. We supply a few of the players in the automotive market with warning triangles and Norton Seal Strip for specific manufacturers.

Kenoron is one of five master converters of Saint Gobain Norton Performance Plastics in the world, this allows us to ensure the best pricing and turn-around time in the industry. We also offer a variety of different double sided tapes for almost every application.

We are the only leading manufacturer of reflectors in South Africa and carry the SABS mark. These include rectangular, triangular and round reflectors in red, amber and clear. We also manufacture a small warning triangle. We also import and supply large warning triangles. We always consider quality over price. We supply the automotive industry both on OEM and aftermarket companies including car, truck, trailer and caravan manufacturers.

Brochures / Datasheets

Kenoron Products | Conspicuity Tape for Contour Marking Applications

Avery Dennison conspicuity tape provides superior reflectivity, increasing the visibility of trucks and trailers during nighttime driving. Avery V-6700B or V-6750B conspicuity tapes – in combination with the Avery HV1200E retro-reflective film – also provide round-the-clock advertising opportunities…

Kenoron Product | Diamond® Surface Protection Tape

Diamond® Surface Protection Tape is a temporary protective mask designed for use on mirror finish to matt finish surfaces. It provides excellent protection for painted or treated aluminium, plastics, polycarbonate sheets, powder coated surfaces & similar surfaces.

Kenoron Products | Green Glue®: Soundproofing

Green Glue is a viscoelastic compound that attenuates vibration at partitions produced by sound waves. Green Glue is supplied in the form of a paste, which spreads in between two plaster boards, OSB, concrete masonry, etc, by itself. Tests conducted at independent laboratories have shown that Green Glue greatly improves the sound insulation of dividing partitions.

Kenoron Products | Norbond™ A7300: Grey Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape

Saint-Gobain Norbond™ A7300 series is a grey, double-sided, coated acrylic foam tape with outstanding viscoelastic and adhesion properties. It offers ideal bonding performance for many interior and exterior industrial applications. Formulated for durable, long-lasting adhesion, A7300 exceeds industry standards for shear strength and bonding to high surface energy substrates, even at elevated temperatures.

Kenoron Products | Thermalbond® V2200: Structural Glazing Spacer

Thermalbond® V2200 is a structural glazing spacer made from semi-rigid polyurethane foam and acrylic adhesive on two sides. It is available in grey or black. Applications: structural glazing spacer, thermalbreak in window, door & wall systems, bonding of wide joints…

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Kenoron Products

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