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GlasGrid reinforcement system improves Main Road

kaytech glasgrid road and pavement reinforcement

Portions of Main Road in Strand, Cape Town was rehabilitated in 2018. Engineers soon discovered underlying civil services too close to the surface level of the road. SMEC engineers realised conventional construction would prove far too costly and time-consuming. Kaytech’s GlasGrid provided the solution. GlasGrid is an innovative product that extends pavement life.

Kaytech has supplied South Africa with GlasGrid since 1998. This innovative asphalt reinforcement interlayer that dramatically lengthens the wear on paved roads, runways and parking lots. Designed to turn crack stresses horizontally and dissipate further stress. GlasGrid is ‘sandwiched’ between the levelling and surface layer of asphalt, hindering cracks from reflecting through a new asphalt overlay to the surface. Its open aperture design promotes aggregate interlocked between paving layers. Supplied with a patented adhesive backing, GlasGrid provides effective bonding during installation.

Kaytech representative Norrin Stone was on site to assist the engineers and Umzali Civils with the installation recommendation for GlasGrid. To demonstrate the adhesive properties of GlasGrid, an electronic fish scale was used to pull-strength in excess of 14kg far exceeded the project specifications. “GlasGrid is the hidden strength in a road and will reduce reflective cracking for many years to come” stated Stone.

The Main Road construction process incorporated the milling out of 90mm layer to be replaced with a rubberised asphalt mix (A-R1). This was followed with a layer of GlasGrid 8511 (11 500m2) and the results started to show immediately. There was no further delay or disruptions to the normal paving operations of Main Road and it was successfully completed within two months commencement.

By incorporating GlasGrid, the milling depth is less than required and the sections of the road displaying the greatest distress were reinforced. The combination of high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity at low elongation makes GlasGrid stronger than steel while independent laboratory tests have proven that GlasGrid can extend pavement life by up to 300%. Used worldwide in many thousands of successful installations, there is no doubt GlasGrid was the best solution to this project.


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